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    Quote Originally Posted by /\/ico View Post
    Also nobody enforces any rules anymore so we can all go and windsurf in Grumpfs swimming pool and nobody is going to care.
    Don't think I haven't noticed that going on, I'm just smug in the knowledge I sold that pool along with Fuller Towers two years ago and didn't mention I'd moved to anyone (particularly certain offspring) so carry on, the new owner is an accountant so not particularly observant of things beyond spreadsheets keyboards and monitors..

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    I am still a member, and have done the instructor course. I was actually quite impressed with it.

    The RYA is still running the Team 15, but the up take at our local lake, as reduced some what over the past few years. Not sure why, cost of equipment, children interested in other things, state schools dropping out of school activities. The private schools are still pushing sailing etc.

    Just had a look at the RYA website, and saw they do have a vacancy Dinghy and Windsurf Admin

    The pay is crap, holidays are crap and suspect you'll be handed all the..... You get the idea. :-)

    A lot of sports associations have been hit with reduction in government grants and no local council funding, so they have had to reinvent themselves, as "Training Organisations" first, and the fluffy stuff second, otherwise they'll go bust. My brother does a lot of D of E stuff, and the mountaineering organisations are doing the same. All chasing the $$$$.

    Its just the way of life at the moment. I blame Brexit, and people being selfish. "How dare the poor not pay for my middle class activities!!" The usual stuff from the Guardian. Please note membership of sailing clubs has been reducing over the past 10 years. Kids aren't interested anymore.

    Anyway, I am interested in this job,

    but I don't think it would be run like the training camp at Manchester United in the 1980s. Training involved drinking, more drinking and then a Saturday kick about. The good ol' days.


    Edit, just realised the RYA run two different benefit rules, Admin 23 days holiday, Management 25 plus Christmas off. Thats a little off, dont you think?
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    I've just had an online survey request from the RYA:

    Do you have any ideas or thoughts on how the RYA could do better to service and support its members?

    Tell us what you think and help shape the future of RYA membership.

    The above comments provided a useful crib for my responses, thanks.
    Eeeh 'tis grim dahn Sarf.

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