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    Newer North Warp older mast compatibility - PLEASE HELP!

    Hi guys,

    I am new to this forum. I have a 2016 6.3 Warp that I just bought.
    This sail accepts a 400 North mast. I have a friend that has 2008 Platinum and also 2008 Gold masts in 400 size.
    I am wondering if any one of these masts would be compatible with this sail.
    I heard drop shape term on the Platinum masts before 2010. So, I am a little reluctant to buy the Platinum.
    I am open to suggestions. If you have experience with older North masts in 400 size that would work with this sail, please let me know.
    Take care.

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    The sizing you quote does not sound right to me. Most 6.3 sails will need a 430 mast so first question is are you sure it needs a 400? Second point is diameter, pretty sure you need a SDM (standard diameter mast) for a warp as it has cams. So are these masts SDM. A drop shape is a SDM bottom for mast foot compatibility that reduces quickly to become an RDM diameter – so no good for a Warp.

    Once you sort these issues out then almost any decent constant curve SDM mast should work fine. The difference masts in the North range have different carbon content and diameter etc but the bend curve will be as consistent throughout the range as they could possibly make it. A Platinum is better than Gold due to higher carbon content but they are all high quality masts. Hope something in that helps, and welcome to the forum.

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    Correct mast is a 400 SDM Platinum. It is usually best to get the same year mast with a Warp but I doubt an older 400 Platinum will cause any problem. You may have to mess with the cams a little to get them right but I think that would be all.

    Cam adjustment can be done by testing the amount of cam pressure once batten tension has been set. Cam spacers can be inserted if the pressure is too light. It is possible to slightly reduce the size of a cam if the pressure is too much even with no spacers. Cam pressure should be set fairly high on the Warp to maximise performance but not so much that it impedes good rotation.

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    Thanks, mikerb. This really helps!
    I have 2 questions about your comments though:
    (1) "You may have to mess with the cams a little to get them right but I think that would be all." - if the mast tapers quite a bit and its diameter becomes too narrow for the cam, how would you modify the cam?
    (2) "Cam spacers can be inserted if the pressure is too light." - how do you test the light cam pressure? Am I supposed to see if the cam keeps popping out of the mast?
    A brand new 400 SDM Pt is $800, a new (old stock) 2008 400 SDM Pt is $350, and a new (old stock again) 2008 400 SDM gold is $200. Which one would you pick? Take care.

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    The North Cams will fit a range of diameters so I doubt that will be a problem. The narrowest mast diameter will be on the 4th cam ( from the tack)..if that sits on the mast with the rollers holding it clear of the body of the cam then the lower three will definitely be OK. Note each of the cams is different and marked with an identifying letter ( and "Top" to make sure it is inserted the right way).
    Testing CAM pressure is done once the sail is fully rigged and the correct batten tension applied. The method I use is to test how difficult it is to move the cam from its rest position by hand. That is, using two hands try to move the cam. For my purposes I prefer a moderate CAM pressure which means I can just move the cam with two hands. If you want to sail overpowered ( ie slalom racing conditions) you may want a somewhat firmer pressure to guarantee top end stability of the luff. To be honest I have never noted any top end limitation by using the medium pressure I described above. If the Cam is not able to be moved using my test method then I remove any spacer fitted or fit a thinner one. Of course if the CAM is easily moved then a spacer needs to be fitted. North supply 2 thicknesses of spacer with their sails. Adjusting the pressure on one cam can have an onward effect on one or more of the other cams. I aim to get the same pressure on each cam. Worst case scenario is if there is too much cam pressure but there are no spacers fitted ( and the other cams are OK). It need means slightly reducing the overall length of the cam using a file and some glasspaper. It sounds time consuming but really only takes an hour or so.......and you may find it all fits fine with no adjustment required at all. It is usually recommended to leave spacers in place if using a Platinum mast. Final test is that the sail rotates well.
    I would opt for a Platinum mast for the Warp because that is the mast Warps have always been designed around.........which price point you go for really depends on your wallet and whether the kit is for racing or just recreational use.

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    I've had a Gold 2010 drop shape used with a Warp 6.3
    not a problem. One of my favorite rigs.

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    Ok. Thank you guys, for the insightful info. It is interesting North site has no troubleshooting document if you get stuck. Take care.

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