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    learning in the Cotswolds


    new to this forum and i'm thinking of doing a beginners course somewhere in the Cotswolds (Based in Swindon), So any recommendations would be greatly received on local clubs, contacts etc!

    thanks in advance


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    I live in Purton, so 15 minutes from the Cotswold water park, but make the 2 hour trip to the coast to go windsurfing. I suppose South Cerney Outdoor would be ok for a complete beginner, but the trees around the lakes make it pretty useless for windsurfing. The only other place I know that does lessons there is Waterland Outdoor Pursuits, but that lake's even worse. South Cerney Outdoor would definitely be my choice if I had to stay local.

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    South Cerney would be fine for learning. Been there with the nippers for a weekend (camped at the site just down the road) for mixed watersports back in October.

    Instructors were very helpful, lots of kit across a variety of watersports disciplines and decent showers and changing facilities.

    If I had this place nearby when I was beginning I would be using it.

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    I learnt in the Cotswolds, I was a member of South Cerney Sailing Club. It was a difficult place to practice the basics, but a nice enough club with a handful of windsurfing members. The advice to try South Cerney Outdoor for a first lesson or two would be my suggestion too if you want to stay local. Once you get past the beginner bit, Farmoor Reservoir (Oxford Sailing Club) is just down the A420 and is much better option for the early intermediate and above.

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    Just a general comment supporting the above: I'm a beginner/intermediate living just east of you and I sail regularly at a lake and at the coast and I can confirm that lakes are indeed harder to sail at. The reason is that before the wind gets to you, it hits obstacles, which makes it gusty and it tends to change direction a lot, which is hard to deal with and understand when you're a beginner. Also, at the maximum wind strength beginners tend to be comfortable at you may have frequent lulls that are unsailable, plus the only sails that work well in those winds will be too heavy for a beginner to man-handle constantly. I don't mean to put you off, but you may enjoy yourself more learning somewhere like Poole Harbour and then joining the local lake for convenient local sailing once you're proficient.

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    Agree. I learnt at Burghfield lakes near Reading then Queen Mary reservoir when I came to London - and it was a nightmare.. so gusty etc. Poole Harbour is perfect as it's waist high.. and there are lessons there.
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    I know its a bit further in to London but Bray Lake near Windsor has a good reputation for teaching etc.

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