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    Thanks. Looks good. I am off to find a bike Rack!!

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    Thanks. I am going shopping!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoFish View Post
    My thought also. Any reason why you have discounted the idea of a van? I don't have kids to transport, so my van is strictly for my own toys. However three of my brothers and their wives have gone the van route for transporting their broods and toys to the beach / hills / MotoX track and all seem more than happy with the arrangements.

    Failing that, you'll just have to listen to your inner Egyptian.

    How did you manage to find a photo of one of those Peugeots with so little on it and so well tied on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony E View Post
    HI. I dont have a photo. Personally I own a 3 bike Thule model and their
    Version is shown here
    Should all work ok, also you would need to budget around 40 quid for a number plate holder from Decathlon or Halfords.

    Just avoid anything that works by strapping to the bootlid. In my experience these dont work.
    Another vote for this system. I have the Thule two bike carrier and it's excellent. I often have a bike on the back and boards on the roof. It has its own lights and numberplate too - so no worries on legality. The only hassle is getting in the boot - you can tip the bike rack back after undoing some screws, but it's not quick enough to just grab something quickly...

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    Just a little salutary tale, one of our reps back in the day when we sold bikes, had a habit of not only loading up the van, but using one of those tail gate bike racks. Anyway we had a visit from the yanks they had three new all carbon bikes which they were visiting dealers with idiots put them on the rack. They went into an internet cafe somewhere up North, to get their mail and have a coffee, came out ten minutes later, the entire rack and all the bikes - gone.

    None of the bikes inside the van were missing - just saying.

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    Yep I'm pretty paranoid about that so all 3 bikes are locked together and to the rack, so someone would have to get it all off in one go. Not impossible but less likely.
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    I have a T5 with the tail hung Fiamma bike rack. What happens with mine is that even though the weight is on the tail gate, the bumper gets dents from the racks feet.
    Just me being stupis somehow?

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