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    Getting back into windsurfing after many years,.,,. help needed :-)

    Hi, and thank you for reading my post. I want to get back into wind surfing after about a 20 year gap!! I live on the Gower and cant seem to find any local shops outlets etc. I was wondering if anyone could help me to decide on what kit I should be looking at. I have a budget of around 300 after a quick look though maybe more and think that will be enough given second hand kit items on ebay. I weigh around 14 stone am 6 foot approx physically fit and strong. I want a windsurfing kit that will allow me to go out in big winds and do some wave sailing as well?? Any help advice or suggestions and links to items for sale would be welcome. Thanks :-)
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    This is not the best time of year to be expecting big winds so you may want to think of more light wind type kit at the moment unless you want to wait for the autumn storms. You also need to be realistic about your skill levels after a 20 year break. Your skill level and where you intend to sail and in what sort of wind/water conditions will determine the sort of kit you need so you need to clarify those elements for people to offer suggestions..... but I would have thought regardless 300 is a pretty tight budget for a complete set of gear.

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    2,376 are in Penarth. I dont think their 'offers' page is up to date but give them a call. They have some older kit at cheaper prices but dont skimp on mast/boom/UJ. have a lot of older boards at cheap prices. Some look cheap because they are older boards but are in good condition.

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    I'd agree with Mikerb - get some bigger freeride kit to get you back into things.

    300 will buy you a full set of old gear but you would be missing out on years of improvement and development. Windsurfing kit got easier and easier to use from around 2000 through to 2010 as boards got short and wide (much better stability and early planing) and sails got light and with much more range. So I would up the budget and look for gear that is a max of 10 years old. I would suggest a circa 120l freeride board and sails of 6 and 7.5m as a starting point.

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    What level where you before and where will you be sailing? I think its pretty hard to know what level you will be without giving it a go - maybe see if you can find a demo day/rental kit or instructor in you area?

    I had about an 8 year break and went straight back to waveboards no problem - in fact I found freeride boards harder to sail as I'd never sailed anything like them before (I still can't sail them very well!). 20 years is obviously a longer time frame but the body is an amazing thing - I recently returned to skiing after 25 years and was up to (maybe even above) my previous level after an hour with an instructor! In windsurfing, like skiing, kit and instruction has improved massively so you might be surprised what you can do after a relatively short time...

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    If you are on Facebook get onto the selling pages such as windsurfing stuff for sale.

    I'm only a very early intermediate but last Autumn I sourced a all my stuff from there and ended up with 2014 board, board bag, 3 sail quiver, 100% Carbon Mast, two alloy booms, Dakine harness & harness lines and 2 mast extensions all for around 800 quid. Granted this is above your budget but there are some serious bargains to be had and it is a very active selling page.

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    Sounds like a good idea
    I'm 52 and just started windsurfing on used gear and am loving it. I agree with the other posters, try for the newest gear at the best prices, I was amazed how light and responsive my sail is - a guy at the beach just gave it to me when I told him I wanted to start learning !

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