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    Price of food and beer in Vassiliki

    Mrs Markski and myself are off to vassiliki for two weeks in the middle of next month. Never been before. We are staying bed and breakfast so I wondered if any forumites had been there recently and had any suggestions or advice about roughly how much cash to take each per day for eating and drinking and also any good places to try?
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    Guess like anywhere it depends how much you want to eat and especially drink, I haven't been since last year but from memory was pretty close to typical English prices or slightly cheaper. I highly recommend getting a pre-pay debit/credit card from somewhere like Travelex after reading a thread on here, it means you don't need to rely on carrying loads of cash and you can top it up very easily on the web from your debit card, also means you don't pay extra charges to get cash out of a machine or pay on the credit card plus the exchange rate is pretty much the same as you would get anyway!

    Am back at the end of June and beginning of July and have just got a new card as my old one was associated with my now redundant work email address so I couldn't reset the password if needed, took all of 5 mins to get this at Heathrow and it now has RFID to pay quickly.
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    I went last year with a family of four and we took either 500 or 500Euros (can't remember now, but not a lot different sadly) which was just about enough. That said, we stayed with Club Vass so had a major bar bill from breakfasts, post sailing beers and ice creams on top of that, but that did also include random holiday maker shopping and presents, etc.

    From what I remember, eating in town was about 7-10 Euros per meal, drinks all costs about the same as each other (eg. coke vs beer vs juice) but nothing overly expensive. We did go to the 'supermarket (=corner shop) and get bread, meat & cheese for lunches though.

    Back in a couple of weeks and this thread has reminded me to get some cash sorted - although the pre-paid card is a great idea...
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    There are some good restaurants at the upwind end of the beach (by the hills) nice to sit out and watch some sailors cruising in and out. which i would say are cheaper than in the main village - however saying that since the EUR / rate is all over the place i dont know what good value is any more!

    I am out there in July with the family - all i can remember is racking up a big-ish bar bill (approx 500) for snack lunches and drinks - (beers). So i guess again it depends on how much you drink!

    There is a good supermarket down the road which is relatively good value too.
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    I think I've been to all the restaurants at both ends of the beach, & none really stand out as much better than the rest. There is however one that stands out as being the absolute worst restaurant I've ever been to anywhere, & that's the Alexander Sea Food. It's fine if you like waiting for an hour before they bother to tell you they haven't got what you ordered, & then waiting another 40 minutes before they tell you they haven't got your alternative either. And then to top it off, being told to move to a different table to finish your wine because they want yours for someone else. So avoid that s***hole at all costs & you're unlikely to have any bad experiences.

    If you hire a car, there's one restaurant up in the hills with a terrace stuck out over the side of a cliff on stilts. The food wasn't great, & there were lots of wasps, but the view of the sunset made it worthwhile. I can't remember what it's called but I'll try to find out if you like.

    P.S. Wherever you're staying, the chances are the mattresses will be rock hard, but there's a fair chance they'll have toppers available if you ask.

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    It's been a couple of years since I was last there (with friends). Our restaurant bills there were significantly lower there than elsewhere by virtue of perfectly drinkable local house wine costing something like €5 or €6 per kg. And I can never resist wine served by the kg.
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    If you are on a budget then you should try "Pitta Gyros", which is available lots of places including at the cafe on the harbourfront as you go into town just before the corner. Its basically just a bit of gyros meat (lamb, chicken or pork), a few chips, some salad and mayo wrapped in a pita. But it costs about €2.50 and is fine for a light meal - and perfect for kids. The locals and instructors live on it. If its busy most restaurants wont let you sit right by the waters edge if you are only spending such a small amount, but ambiance is still great, and the cafe I mentioned above will. Follow up with a scoop of ice cream from one of the other cafes and a drink and you wont have spent much more than €5 per head.

    We have generally found all the harbour front places to be pretty similar. Its just random as to if you can get a nice table and happen to get good service. We like to sit right by the harbour edge where you can watch shoals of fish in the water.

    Not sure if it will be an issue at your time of year, but in August there is a wasp problem more or less everywhere. Weirdly though they seem to be pacifist wasps that rarely sting. We, including 2 kids, havent been stung in loads of visits and talking to the bar guys at Vass, who are plagued by them whilst making cocktails, they can get through a season with maybe 1 sting.

    Plenty of nano "supermarkets" to stock up on drinks, snacks and fruit for the room. The "big" supermarket is on the main road that runs parallel to the sea front 200 yards back, between town and club vass (closer to town)

    Get cash out of an ATM - you will get a charge of about 2.5% from a good commercial fx rate. Thats much, much better than getting ripped off at a bureau de change or at the airport. If you travel a lot there are credit cards that do not charge for foreign transactions (eg Lloyds Avios), everything else will charge you 2.5 - 3.5%, but on top of a good commercial fx rate - so thats still far better than cash changed at airport or bureau de change.

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