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    I grew up near Cape Town, and learnt to windsurf on Botrivier Lagoon never progressed to the waves. It's located between Hermanus and Kleinmond. If you're running out of sailable lakes near Cape town and want to go for a scenic drive worth checking out.

    Also Langebaan can have really good wind.

    Now living in Europe I realise how spoilt I was for wind. Back then I would only go wind wind speed minimum 25kn, usually sailing in 30kn.

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    I am contemplating a trip for a month or more next year. Is it important to get the flights booked up so early? Secondly have you got any tips on where to get accommodation and who from and also car/van hire as there will be 2 of us with all our kit. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by davida View Post
    I am contemplating a trip for a month or more next year. Is it important to get the flights booked up so early? Secondly have you got any tips on where to get accommodation and who from and also car/van hire as there will be 2 of us with all our kit. Thanks

    Sorry for slow reply, but I only just saw this.

    You don't need to book flights early but it is worth booking a flight you see that suits your dates, and at the right price. Seat prices can fluctuate over time, and I tend to book my January flight when I see a price that is 600 or less.

    The airlines all tend to have sales on, from time to time, and the key date for this used to be in early September, as the schools go back in the UK.

    That said, I already booked my flight with Turkish airlines, simply because they had a special promotional fare on.
    If flying from the UK, then Thomas Cook are a good option, as already discussed, but they don't often have a sale on for their long haul flights.

    It's also unlikely that you'll find sale prices for flights covering the key Xmas and New Year period, and watch out that any flight after December 10th and until January 1st is much more expensive than for other periods.

    Turkish Air just emailed me to say my flight times have changed a bit, but this is good news as I now have a shorter stopover in Istanbul airport.
    I mention this because when booking a cheaper, non-direct flight to Cape Town it's worth noting what the total flying time is, and weighing that up against the money you save on the ticket price.

    This is always a problem if you want to pay local prices. You can find good places via AirB'n'B but the prices tend to be higher than locals would pay. The same places are often listed on websites like

    If you are staying for a month then you should be able to negotiate a better rate. We mostly stay in the Bloubergstrand area and the further you are from the seafront the cheaper the accommodation will or should be.

    Accommodation is scarce over the Xmas and New Year period and so book early and be aware you pay a lot more for any accommodation booking in the South African school holidays. Prices tend to be better after January 6th or 8th.

    If you want to stay in the city, then watch out that a trendy flat or house in, say Camps Bay, will cost many times more than similar accommodation in Bloubergstrand. It can however be worth staying south of the city if you know you only want to sail the bigger-wave beaches on the peninsula – but watch out too that there can be fewer windy days there.

    Car/Van hire:
    Try 'rent a cheapie' for a cheaper/older car, or Kennings for can/bakkie hire.
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    Further news today, is that the Rietvlei lake has now re-opened, as of today, after being cleared for water quality issues.

    The closure of the sailing club lake since March was in part due to the ongoing water shortage in Cape Town, and drought conditions are still in force in Cape Town and the Western Cape despite some recent rain.
    There needs to be a lot of rain over these next three winter/spring months if dam/reservoir water levels are to return to normal, so the water crisis is not over yet.
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    Thanks Basher. We are contemplating going from mid Jan onwards haven't figured out for how long yet. Any suggested websites for getting some cheap accommodation or just google it? Out of interest what sort of price should we aim for accommodation just so i know we are not being ripped off. There will be 2 of us and we are not bothered about being on the sea front but would like to be located for an easy drive to the various beaches. I am guessing that we book flights then get a cab with all our kit to the accommodation and sort car hire from there. Cant imagine that rent a cheapie or Kennings have depots at the airport unless they are able to leave a vehicle there like they do with cheap van rental in Maui.

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    Accommodation is either charged per night per person, or per unit per night for short term rentals.
    If you can stay a month then you should get a much better rate.

    I can tell you that you can pay 1,000Rand per night or else you get in a shared house for 150Rand per night – so there is huge variation in what people pay. The exchange rate also affects how expensive it feels.
    Do you need a swimming pool and wifi, and a cleaner, or just a bed?
    On the Bloubergstrand coastline there are various areas, with Tableview probably being the cheapest and near the local nightlife, but possibly a bit more dodgy for walking around at night compared to say Big Bay.

    I'd start with air'n'b and see what comes up.
    Try also "Big Bay Beach Club" for modest but convenient accommodation, as they are mostly two bed apartments. They have a shared swimming pool there and 24hr patrolling security.

    The other advice I'd give is that you need 'secure parking' as you can't leave your windsurf gear on top of a car when left parked on the street. The cheaper cars are also more-easily broken into.
    Most accommodation will have parking behind an electric gate, but this is something to check on before booking. After a long day on the water it's a pain to have to unload and empty the car and take kit indoors.

    Rent a cheapie will pick you up at the airport. Dunno about Kennings, as I've never used them.

    Some people also book cars with international websites (agents) and then pick the vehicle from the airport from Hertz/Tempest/Avis at a reasonable/discounted rate. But they tend not to have roof racks.
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    The going rate in January 2018 for a month in a two bed apartment at the Big Bay Beach Club seems to start at about 1100, so that would be just 550 each for two people.
    Most of those apartments have a double bed and then two singles or a bunk bed in the second bedroom, so they can sleep 3 or 4.

    I found these after research via airb'n'b, typing in a month, arriving on January 8th. The prices for the various apartments at this complex did vary, and also the discount applied when you book for a month varies, but should be up to 50% reduction on the daily rate.

    Some of those apartments will have a sea view and others not. Some on the front (with the sea view) will also have road noise. The buildings are three storey, with each apartment having a balcony and outdoor brai (BBQ) area.
    The ground floor apartments have no views but are perhaps easier for kit storage as the patio doors usually open on to grass lawns.

    The complex is well run but no longer new, so check the state of the decor in the pictures shown – for example the cheaper apartments may not have flat screen TVs etc.

    The downside to the Big Bay Beach Club is that it's not actually at Big Bay, and so you have to drive to restaurants, bars and other nightlife. You could walk to the restaurants at Seaside Village if your apartment is near the one Beach Club complex entrance.

    PS. It's a good time to book as the has rebounded a bit against the Rand in the past two days.
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