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    which one freestyle board

    Hello, I starting with freestyle and I have now - fanatic skate 110 BGS version. I am 75kg therefore i want another board with 100l size. I can choose between:
    fanatic skate 101 TE 2014
    fanatic skate 100 BGS 2013
    starboard flare 101 2013,2014

    Which one would you reccomend for learning and improving? And if you have any experience with these boards? Thanks
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    Check the widths. For a year or two, the starboard flares were 2cms narrower than the Skates, which made them smaller boards in terms of float.

    My Flare 101 is 2014 and it's 62cms wide, compared to the typical Flare/JP 100 litre size which are ore like 64cms wide.
    I like the Flare a lot though – partly because it's so fast – and I'm 73/75 kilos.
    Now back in the UK.

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