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    freestyle bigger size board

    Anyone, feedback on larger freestyle boards for tricks? I have a lots of conditions of wind about
    12 knots so I'am interesting larger freestyle board than 100l for light wind freestyle. I have already 2013 skate 110 BGS but maybe it's not as good as TE version of fanatic or starboard flare what I heard or red about light feeling, pop, ..... I'am 75kg.
    If anyone with comparison it would be great.

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    12knots is not usually a planing wind, even for lightweights, and most freestyle is not done with sails over 5.3s, so I guess this is about how readily a board planes.

    (Early planing is then about technique, sailor weight, board size, rockerline and board rails.)

    The 110 litre freestyle boards may not plane much earlier than 100 litre versions but they do offer extra float for heavier sailors. There are also variations in the width and length of freestyle boards between brands and the wider longer boards will usually plane a touch earlier than narrower shorter ones.

    Then again, you can't go much bigger with the board size without it becoming too sticky to pop or just too cumbersome for turning tricks. I guess the real advantage of a bigger board is when you have to use a bigger sail – say a 5.8 or even a 6.2 – but there comes a point where using a bigger rig stops being fun and doesn't actually get you going any earlier.

    Having a lighter board will make a big difference in performance though. The lighter hull will be corkier and will be easier to chuck about, especially when it's attached to your feet in the air.
    That said, how much earlier would you plane just because a board is 1kg lighter? To test this you'd probably need at least 15knots of wind – or 15knot+ gusts.

    Another way to lose 1kgs from your kit is to use lighter sails and lighter other rig components. You might also check how much your wetsuit and harness weigh when wet.
    Now back in the UK.

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    yes, I know it's not much but it is all I have the most time unfortunately. Maybe 15 knots as you say sometimes when it's not strong wind which is not much as i wish. My biggest freestyle sail is 5.7. The rig is ok i think except for mast extension maybe. But good point about wetsuit.. I'll check, thanks
    I was wondering about theese boards what i mentioned like: skate TE 109, 110 and flare 103,111 if someone has experience with.

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