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    too far from the sea
    Quote Originally Posted by Maker View Post
    I had kiting lessons and not once was it mentioned how to interact with others on the water.
    I once read a table explaining the different kite classes at a Club Mistral station - priority rules didn't come up until the advanced training (i think it was 5th grade).
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    I wobble around on my board with my bum sticking out looking like I haven't got a clue.

    Everyone seems to steer clear of me for some reason.

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    The problem is that kiting is too easy!!! In 10 lessons you can be up and kiting, whereas we need to invest a lot more time and effort on the water before we are up and planing.
    My overal experience is that kiters in general suck big time. I only have (some) confidence in those on strapless directional boards, as they have also spend their time in and on the water to get to that level.
    By now, in our family the starting point is that all kiters are total pricks, and we are genuinely surprised if we find one which is well behaved on the water. So I totally agree with Basher in that the only solution is segregation.

    Two examples from 2 weeks ago in Viana do Castelo (Portugal) on a busy day with lots of kiters and windsurfers and waves in between 1m and 1.5m.
    One kiter thinks it's "cool" to come in to the beach and then start his high jump. Closest to the beach so that he can impress people who know nothing of kiting. And although he is in control most of the time while in the air, he still needs to land between all the other kiters and windsurfers going out. He gives a quick wave when he accidentally lands about 5m in front of me...
    The other incident happens when I'm on the same wave as one of my daughters and we are waiting for the wave to form to ride it together. We have approx. 15m between us, and just as we both start to accelerate down the wave face, a kiter is coming out and makes a turn right between us on the wave face. If I would have had one of those sea to air missiles from Jeroen, I would have definitely used it that time.
    #end of rant#
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