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    So what did you learn?

    That they can tack better than I can on the outside, because they always tack on the outside.

    But the variety of tack styles is also interesting.

    The reason I don't take out back is usually because I like to slam gybe on an oncoming wave. If there is no wave then a tack might be better.

    I like tacking on the inside, as something to do when there's a flat water section.

    What I don't buy, is that we are supposed to tack to save ground upwind. I don't have much trouble staying upwind even in marginal wind, and I think if you gybe efficiently then the speed you maintain outweighs the distance supposedly saved by tacking.

    In truth, it's good to be able to tack OR gybe fast, as appropriate for the moment, so fast tacking is good to have in the bag of tricks.

    I'm fine from port to starboard but not good at all from starboard to port tacking. And that's down to laziness when it comes to practising.
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