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    List your worst encounter with a kite(r)

    As the other post about kiters got my blood pressure up again, I thought it would be educational to hear from others about their worst experience with a kite, or with the person connected to it, the infamous kiter.

    For me it was quite some years ago on a sunny day with almost onshore winds. I was planning in a strait line and suddenly kite lines hit the top of my rig. I fall in and when I come up I see both the kite and the kiter lying in the water. He is shouting at me, and although I didn't understand much, it didn't sound too friendly. So I get up and sail away. While surfing in front of the beach I see the kiter collecting his kite and wade and swim ashore.
    An hour later at my van I get confronted by the same kiter who asks in a loud voice why the f##k I didn't help him with his kite, and if I could pay for the repair of his ripped bladder and lines. I explain that he was at fault, that he didn't apologize, that he was in standing debt of water about 20m from the shore and that he didn't sound very nice at the time.
    Every time since, when I think back on this episode I really wonder in what kind of universe the guy lived at the time.

    And I personally don't have any really good experiences with kiters, although I know of some windsurfers who have been rescued by kiters over the years. So they do have their limited function, together with keeping the watersport retail chain afloat (although suppers are starting to compete strongly with them there ).
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    i'm surprised that so many people have had so many bad experiences with kiter,s i personally have never had any dangerous encounters with kiters maybe we have been a bit confused which way we are steering to avoid each other but not to the point we have crashed it is sometimes a bit of a shock if a kite smashes down reasonably close to you as it does make some noise
    i wish i could say the same about windsurfers who have crashed into me with sometimes no warning at all and they could have avoided me

    i do have a very good positive story about a kiter helping a windsurfer that saved her life !

    at the Rhossy BWA event last year 2016 i was free sailing on one of the days and a ladies heat had just finished one of the sailors had become trapped under her sail and had basically drowned whilst trapped a kiter had spotted her in trouble alerted some other windsurfers who pulled her out and tried to revive her as she wasn't breathing mean while the kiter jumped back on his board from the way down wind beach and shot over to the beach by the houses shouted me over frantically giving me the details i then ran up to the judges who were sitting in a van grabbed a phone and dialed 999 to alert the emergency services (we had an ambulance and a helicopter attend ) but whilst this was going on a windsurfing fireman had heard all this he shot off waded the river to reach her fully clothed and started the CPR which eventually saved her life the kiter returned to the scene and helped through out and it's my opinion if he hadn't been such a quick thinker we may have lost a young windsurfer in tragic circumstances

    she was apparently all fine after about 3 days and doesn't remember the event
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    I haven't had any bad or dangerous experiences as such but when I was at Portland a couple of weeks ago I had one guy who saw I was a beginner and just kept coming really close. A couple of other kiters realised I was newish and actually adjusted their sailing away from me to give me some space which was nice but this one guy just kept coming close.

    In the end I got annoyed and told him to getting so close. I went in for a break and saw that he was also coming close and jumping quite near to where the kids were swimming near the beach. The wind was Offshore and blowing away from the beach but I still felt there was no need for that. There are weigh anchors everywhere and it is inevitable that some of those will find their way onto the sea

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    This summer I was just about to follow my wife out, I watched her sailing away from the beach. Upwind there was a fairly proficient kiter, he went into a fairly big jump, lost control of the kite and crashed hard. His kite then slammed into the path of my wife, it landed about 5foot in front of her and she had no time to react and kind of aborted her kit/crashed I to the kite itself.
    Back in the car park his first comment was "that was funny", I think he saw the steam coming out of wetsuit and quickly apologised and changed his point of view a little.
    Don't seem to realise how much space they need when it goes wonky as it very often does!!
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    Their very existence is annoying but, much like Max, I've not had any major bad experiences with them and we all tend to get along. I suppose the worst I have witnessed is when they choose to launch / land far too close to bucket-and-spade beachgoers, which is the sort of idiotic behaviour that could have repercussions for us as well as them. That's only a small minority though. Other than that it's low-level annoyance / lack of consideration like them doing their twirlies in the launching / landing area (especially when there's shorebreak about) or choosing to lay out / leave their stuff in the way of the main route to the water.

    Live and let live though. I help them launch and land if they need it and I've rescued a few of their tea trays over the years. As Max's story illustrates, next time it could be one of them rescuing me. It was kiters who saved Whitey's life wasn't it?
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    We and we generally get on ok, when I'm kiting pole boarders are irritating twats who you have to give space to, they are so stupid they don't realise the dangers of the top of their rig engaging with my lines, when I'm windsurfing kiters are a bloody nuisance jumping upwind and always underestimating the downwind drift landing point, irritating twats, it all used to be so much better when I was the only one out.

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    A t1t is a t1t, what ever they happen to be sailing. The worst I've had was a pole surfer (i to was windsurfing) jump over the back of the wave just as I was about to bottom turn in to a section. a second later & I would have eaten fin!

    It is true that a t1t with a kite can effect more people though. As a rule i would say if your kite or lines hit any one or thing it's your fault.

    Careful about wishing for segregation though. As so few windsurfers can wave sail it might be windsurfers that get chucked off the wave beaches!
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