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    Quote Originally Posted by Witchcraft View Post
    Everyone agrees you cant play football around other people or go motocrossing where people are mountain biking.
    I wish they did. Unfortunately inconsiderate behaviour, while not the norm, is still very widespread, and it gets worse with overcrowding. They've done experiments on rats to demonstrate this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by /\/ico View Post
    I wish they did. Unfortunately inconsiderate behaviour, while not the norm, is still very widespread, and it gets worse with overcrowding. They've done experiments on rats to demonstrate this.
    Interesting Nico. That also suggests that, just like R.A.Ts, the dangling Marys may share an instinctive urge to group together for no particular reason. I wonder if the solution to this might be to smear them in cat sht?

    [Edit] Winking icon added for the benefit of the danglers when they are eventually alerted to this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phill104 View Post
    I have seen problems with windsurfers too. The amount of people that do not know how to handle their kit off the water is astonishing. Some of these people seem quite good on the water too, so why they cannot translate it to the beach is beyond me. I have lost count of the number of flying rigs and boards etc.

    It it seems to me education is the problem. Both sports need better safety awareness. We also need to be aware of the needs of each other's sports. How much room we need, how we move and how quickly we can react.

    segregation seems to work at spots like Hayling. At camber we usually only come into conflict on the inside as the baggers seem to like showing off close to the shore. Medano was a bit of a mess last time I was there, not sure how they can improve that. All seems very location dependent.
    Off course windsurfers should not put others in danger either. But a windsurf rig has less power and less reach when attached to a board. And I see far far less rigs flying (cant remember) as kites crashing or being dragged along.

    Wherever there is space enough and sports can be segregated, everything is fine. At Sotavento the 2 main beaches are forbidden to kite but in between it is allowed.
    But that space isnt there where you have 50m of launching area where people are also sunbathing or swimming or a 50m wide point break. Up to last year there was some unwritten rule that kiters mostly only went out in the evening after there were only a few windsurfers left. That was fine but it has changed, a few locals still do this but others dont. There are local kiters who go to other spots to avoid becoming a danger for others. These spots are further down the coast, no beach makes it harder to launch and the wave is not as good but there are no other people.

    At the lagoons of Cotillo there are illegal kite schools teaching (official kite schools have to teach out in the ocean with a RIB), when it is windy all day long and the kiters are there first mostly other beach goers go elsewhere but if the wind comes later there will be (a lot of ) people on the beach but they start teaching anyway.
    On the main beach of Cotillo you sometimes have a shallow pool of water on the beach where toddlers are playing. I have seen a show off kiter jump out of the ocean into the pool, kite through the toddlers and jump back out. He did this various times. You really would like to wrap his lines around his neck and let the kite up again.
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    At Medano one day I stopped to swim a kiter's board back to him.
    I swam back to my rig and water started and was starting to schlog back to the beach.
    Instead of waiting the guy gets up on his board and shoots straight past me right in front of me accelerating fast.
    He hit my board but half a second (quarter?) later and he would have hit me, hard.
    He didn't stop.
    My rented board was damaged so I sought him out on the beach.
    His reply was "You will have insurance". (!)
    I had to force him back to the rental shop to get him to pay....

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    So, that's what happens when you try and help someone Ronnie? Unbelievable! I tend not to go too close to kites / kiters in the water unless they're waving / obviously in trouble because 1 - I don't want to get tangled up their lines and 2 - there's no way for me to carry their board back to them while sailing. Instead I find another kiter and tell them to go and help, or sail back to the beach and try and tell one of the centres to organise a rescue. As I posted, I'm not having problems with kiters for several years now, and they have helped me in the past when something breaks.
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    I was lassooed by a kiter at Brancaster some years ago - a most apologetic lapsed windsurfer. We enjoyed a bit of banter as we drifted in together (unsnagging kite lines from my mast foot whilst afloat didn't seem a good idea).
    There again - without wanting to be being over-dramatic - I was nearly killed by a windsurfer passing over my head when in the process of water-starting. To this day I don't know how I got away with it.
    (both events logged on this forum at least once previously ;-) )
    Last week at Hunny as I stood on the beach an un-manned kite swept by me - I stood on the handle & waited for the numpty owner to come, I think he ws supping tea on the prom.
    However, I've seen a fair few windsurf boards and unattached rigs flying around on their own over the years.
    **** happens....
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    Rescued a guy who lost his kite far out in Bolonia, on a day with strong, gusty x-off wind. Almost got cramps cause i couldn't really hook in while dragging the bloke in behind my small wave board. When we finally reached the beach i sit down to get a breather but instead of saying thanks or offering me a drink, he asks if i could sail out again and look out for his kite (which was probably already half way to the Bahamas at that time).

    Came in on a nice set in Sunset once, waiting for the wave to start breaking. A kiter comes sailing out so i wait a bit longer to let him pass, but instead he jibes onto the wave right in front of me and blocks my ride. Cheers buddy!

    Nice day with swell in Essaouira - a kite teacher decides that it's a good idea to have his group of beginner students practicing body drags right inside the two meter beach break, thereby blocking the whole line-up for everybody else. Few hundred meters upwind there are no waves at all but i suppose that was far too much of a walking distance.
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