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Thread: Downhaul tool

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    Downhaul tool

    Lost my one of these.

    So bought one of these as replacement.

    No good.
    No traction on formuline.
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    Save yourself some money. You don't need a special tool, just the right knot.
    I use a scrap piece of PVC pipe, about 25cm long. It helps to take a file/rasp and rough up the middle area a bit, just so it's not super slick. Then watch the video link below at 1:22 into the video for a knot tip from Dave Ezzy. Very easy to do and quick to undo. After slipping the pipe through the double loops I wrap the line around the pipe a few times for an extra lock. I keep a few of these PVC pipes in the van in case I lose one. Minimal cost. Give it a try!
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    Here's what I use. It fits nicely over the wrist.
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    what a faff!...........North tools/no knots/ no sore feet.

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    I do what Mitch does but with a bit of wood. I know from experience that once you have the technique it's faster than an xt and better for my back than anything that involves one hand.

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    I do a bit of both. I use an XT but I pull most of the downhaul on using the end of the rope that goes through the normal cleat, then use the ratchet for the last couple of inches.

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    Kudos for using wood, at least that will biodegrade when it snaps and/or gets left on the beach, but PVC pipe?

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