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    Airlines Windsurfing kit carriage

    Has anyone got information on how different airlines treat windsurfing kit, who is good to fly with and costs? BA say that anything over 190cm long has to go as cargo.

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    This has come up several times but I don't think we have a separate thread on it.

    There is discussion about this on the Cape Town route so it comes up in that running thread each year.

    Few windsurfers fly with BA anymore because they won't accept windsurf boards and their excess baggage charges are extortionate.
    Virgin used to carry a board bag for free but since they were bought out partly by Delta airlines, the policy may have changed, and their free board bag limit was only 23kgs or 25kgs anyway.

    Turkish Air are very good and they carry board bags up to 32kgs for a flat rate fee, but their flights are often via Istanbul – their European hub – and so a long haul flight often means two bag charges, one for each leg of the journey.

    The best airlines for carrying gear tend to be charters or 'no frills' airlines, and they usually have a flat rate charge. That's certainly true for Easy Jet.

    Thomas Cook Airlines fly some long haul routes, including to Cape Town, and they carry your board bag (up to 30kgs) for a £60 fee each way. The fee may be less for their short haul routes.

    To answer your question, you need to know where you are flying and which airlines fly there, and then check with their policy via the individual airlines web site.
    If they don't mention flat rates for sporting equipment then you then get charged excess baggage charges and BA aren't the only airline with bag length limits.
    I haven't checked TAP/Air Portugal, or Air France, or KLM for their current policy – but they used to carry wind surf board bags for a fee.
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    Thanks v much. Air Mauritius charge a pretty reasonable flat fee. I just checked Air France, incredible there's no charge if it's part of your baggage allowance, or you just pay a bit a extra. It makes flying the kit down for the Defi Wind a possibility. Air France:
    Surfboards, kite surfboards, bodyboards, windsurf boards and longboards can be transported in the hold. Prior approval from our customer service department is required. You must submit your request at least 48 hours before your flight's departure.
    If your board is less than 300 cm / 118 inches in length and under 23 kg / 50 lb in weight, it is considered a standard checked baggage item and is included at no extra charge in your baggage allowance (except for Light and Basic fare tickets) if it is the only baggage that you want to check in (or one out of the 2 baggages allowed for the Business and La Première cabins.)
    Want to transport more baggage items? Does your equipment exceed the number, size or weight allowance for your ticket? You can purchase a Baggage Option online or pay a fee for this option at the airport.

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    TAP:You may carry up to 32 kg / 70 lbs. Consult the following pricing table (per route):
    Surfboards (up to 200cm) € 50 € 100
    Longboards (over 200cm) € 100 € 150
    KiteSurf € 50 € 100
    WindSurf / Hang gliding € 100 € 150

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    Perhaps this can become the definitive guide EasyJet:
    Sports equipment allowance

    You can buy one piece of sport equipment per customer.
    You can buy a maximum of six items per booking online – even if there are more than six of you. If you need more please speak to our Customer Service team.
    You can pool the total weight allowances for your sports equipment and hold luggage, as long as no single item weighs more than 32kg.
    (For example: If you have a total weight allowance of 52kg you could bring hold luggage weighing 31kg and sports equipment weighing 21kg).

    We have two size allowances for sports equipment:

    Small (20kg max) Large (32kg max)
    Golf clubs Bicycles
    (please see requirements below)
    Skis and boots Canoes and kayaks
    Snowboards Wind surfers and surfboards
    Diving equipment Hang gliders
    Pole vaults up to 450cm

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    One of the issues is how much you can get in one bag, under current weight limitations.

    Flying out of Gatwick, they often don't like bags over 23 kgs and that becomes the bag weight limit for some airlines. To take a board and three sails with boom and one or two masts would then mean two bags.

    In a 32kgs bag you can just about get one board and three waves sails plus mast and boom, but that's only if you strip down footstraps and carry fins and extension/deckplate in your suitcase. And the weight of the bag will be at least 5kgs of this allowance – or a lot more if you have a bag with wheels.

    So it's a bit unrealistic to think you can take windsurfing gear as part of you normal suitcase/baggage allowance, when that is usually set at 20-30kgs max any way.

    What I usually try is a trial run with the packing, weighing every individual item, and then checking what the total weight of my board bag is. That means before your departure date you know what you can and cannot take – or when you need to book extra baggage allowance.

    The airlines often like the extra bags booked in advance and you sometimes get a discount for doing so, because it saves their staff delays at the check in desk.
    The staff are also more helpful if you have pre-booked kitbags on a plane – and are less likely to be thrown into a panic when you turn up with huge-looking bags.
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    I think easy jet baggage policy has been discussed in the various Morocco/Moulay threads, a few times.
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