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    Airlines are starting to put in a maximum "length" of the the bag. The ones I've seen (and experienced) are Emirates and Vueling (Iberia). It means that the length+width+height should be less then 300cm. I've already had three times people measuring the bags at check-in with a tape measure.... Once Emirates refused to take a bag because of this (we repacked and sat on it for a while to "shrink" the bag).

    It's a funny business. They either want to charge for bulk or for weight, but they also have to get your bag on the plane efficiently.

    Sometimes the measurements are there to establish cubic volume, whereas other maximum lengths quoted are about getting a package safely on a carousel, or on the luggage loading buggies used.

    With BA I understand the length limit is about luggage container 'pods' that are loaded onto planes.

    Once they have written down rules, the check-in staff then have to interpret them, and that's where you enter the realm of Chaos Theory.
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    Board bag weight can be important. I use bubble wrap and pipe foam insulation & duct tape + a lightweight bag.

    Put everything you can in hold luggage - Boom rear, harness lines.
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    Just to follow up on my recent experience for packing kit with a 23kg cap.

    I bought a mystic elevate windsurf boardbag 240cm which does weight only 3kg. It has a detachable wheels that weight an additional 1.5kg.

    The board bag itself is thin and is not padded, but allows you to save on weight. I just used bubble wrap for the nose+tail and pipe insulation on the rails.

    The wheels system was handy and useful and at the checkin i removed it.

    I manage one 82lt and 4.0 4.5 5.0 sails plus boom and one mast at 24.5kg... i was lucky and went through without paying any excess...

    There was still room in the bag for another 1-2 sails and another spare mast.

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    We have just come back from Cape Town. Some of my group got there with Emirates and others with Turkish. All of us flying from Madrid.

    Emirates allows 30 kilos in Economy. That includes any sports equipment and you have the 300 cm total limit. No limit on number of pieces. So we packed the boards alone and then another bag with sails, masts and boom. If you are flying alone 30 kilos is enough only for taking one board and 3 sails. On Emirates everything was weighted but nothing was measured, both in Madrid and in Cape Town.

    I think Emirates is best if you fly with non windsurfers (wife or family with non used baggage weight) because that way you can take A LOT of equipment for free and with no problems at all. I travel with my family, 4 tickets. 120 kilograms allowance. I took kit for me and for some of my friends. More than 10 items in the flight back home. 4 boardbags, stroller for the toddler, car seats, luggage bags... All smiles from the Emirates stuff.

    Turkish has a charge of 90 (30+60) each way from Madrid to Cape Town. That is for a sports Equipment and it has to be all packed in only one bag. On the good side, on our experience they did not have any weight or measurement limit.

    I think Turkish is better if you fly alone and you find a good price that makes the total price lower than Emirates, including the 180 for your kit.
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    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    I am flying to Cape Town with Turkish Airlines, but from London Gatwick, via Istanbul.

    I have flown with them before and they are pretty good.
    The suitcase allowance is generous at 30kgs — and, you're right, you can use that allowance for your quiver bag if need be, although they 'could' charge you an oversize fee.

    But their sports bag weight limit for the extra fee of €90 (30 + 60 over the two flights) is 32kilos, and that's a bag up to 3m long. They will weigh bags at UK departure airports, so it's best not to go over weight or over size.
    Now back in the UK.

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