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    Another point I don't think anyone has mentioned.

    To stop nose diving make sure you get the wind under the board by angling it up (pull up with front foot) and push down with toes of your back foot to also 'tilt' the board toward the wind. a blog about looping

    UPDATED Feb 2016

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    What went wrong

    there is a problem ive been dealing with over the past few days, I bought a hard copy of X3 Albion prelude terran war pack, how ever when i went to install it says I need to activate the original game, I had a hard copy of the original game already installed but after checking the FAQs thats not the requirement so I then uninstalled it and deleted all files for X3 Reunion on my computer and then bought a digital copy from steam, after the install and updates I then tried again to install X3 Albion prelude terran war pack. but again the steam installer returns with Please activate the original gamePlease what is it im doing wrong or is this a steam issue, ive already emailed there customer support twice over the past 72 hours and no reply yet.

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    What went wrong

    Ok, I started a new game, circumnavigated the highway network doing a few easy missions on the way and made a milion or so in the process.I then bought 3 Drill Vanguards and set them to auto-mine Nividium. This worked out well and I made well over ten million in the course of a few hours. Thinking I was on to a winner I bought 3 more Nividium miners but since then the income has dried up to a trickle.What am I missing???

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