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    UK windsurfing weather from October 9th, 2017

    We should have a new weather thread for the week not least because there's some wind about.
    This wind comes through in batches, associated with fronts, so check your local forecasts for the latest detail on when and where the wind might peak in your area.

    We had a bit of wind here in Hove today, ahead of more rain, but it left as quickly as it arrived.
    Tomorrow is more promising with wind arriving to all areas at some point during the afternoon. The Tuesday wind in the southeast should build from late morning but our 3pm high water suggests the high tide launch spots are the places to head to.
    The wind lasts into the evening so after work sailing should be on but watch out it's now dark by 6.30 or not much later.

    Then Wednesday is the promising day for the Southeast. Further west you see wind too but it may clear quickly in the morning from the north and west.
    Once again, the afternoon high water time in the Southeast at about 15.45hrs suggests sailing the tide on the push if you can.
    The good news is that Wednesday should see a bit of a wave.

    The wind then takes a break but should return again from the west from late Thursday. Friday then looks promising, and maybe the weekend too.

    Watch this space or add your UK-based weather comments in the usual way.
    Now back in the UK.

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    I'm not sure how windy it will get tomorrow as the Met Office forecast for my beach in Hove now has 19mph gusting to 30mph all afternoon. That's all short board bases covered then.

    At least it's blowing WSW.

    On Wednesday, they give a more SW direction, at 24mph possibly gusting to 40mph.

    I'd say that's an upgrade on what earlier forecasts were offering. Then again, maybe it will change back.
    Now back in the UK.

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    Interesting. It's only Monday night, but the Met Office are already calling little wind at the weekend in the south, with instead some warm air and clear skies. That contrasts with GFS predictions which are for a windy Sunday.

    In truth, that disagreement is about how much the high over mainland Europe blocks incoming weather from the Northwest, and we'll have to look at this again nearer the time.

    Tiree however looks windy for the BWA event starting at the end of this week and for next week.
    Now back in the UK.

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    Tuesday, 13.30hrs.

    The wind has picked up as forecast these past two hours, but it's a bit gusty. Seems to be settling at about 23mph as the tide rises.

    I think I'll wait until the tide on the drop (party due to work commitments) and because that'll allow something of a wave to build.

    Sunset is timed for 18.20 hrs today.
    Now back in the UK.

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    Anyone going out today at the Bluff or Gwithian?
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    Are you there at the weekend Jeroen? Remember that 2 days of sunny s'ly we sailed a few years back when it was way more than forecast? Could be a repeat...

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