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    I live in Haggerston (Bourough of Hackney) in London. On weekends it takes me 1h40 to Camber and the same to Hove and Shoreham. During the week it takes minimum 2h. Based in Hackney I could sail some other closer spots near southend and north ken. However i have been there only a handful of times as i am more keen on south coast waves.

    I tought many times if i should be living more south as i am a keen windsurfer. But I work at liverpool street and my commute from my home to work is only 20mins door to door by bus and i could walk in 30mins everyday. My final decision was that I prefer commuting shorter for 5days a week and for work when i am usually under pressure and rather commuting 20mins extra in the weekend if windy.

    London is a nice city but less fun in the suburbs. And even if you find a nice one, the commute will drive you mad at times. Another factor to consider is schools for your kids. I dont have any yet and i cannot comment on this.

    Hackney is a relatevely cheap, fun, upcoming, safe and green area if you are interested i could of course give you some help.
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    Sort of on the same theme, and it was one of the contributors who said "Become a beach bum" which made me think about this question.

    Have any of you hand on heart, and honestly packed up a very good job to become a "beach bum"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by boards_Neal View Post
    Sort of on the same theme, and it was one of the contributors

    Have any of you hand on heart, and honestly packed up a very good job to become a "beach bum"?
    Yep. did that this year so I can spend more time at the beach while the body still says yes, decided I also don't want to spend my whole life working and then look back with regrets of stuff I didn't do.
    Currently retired to do more windsurfing before the body says NO!

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    I was lucky enough to persuade my employer to let me do 3 or 4 days a week. Better option for me than downshifting or retraining. If you dont ask you wont ever get. When i asked for a 2 month sabbatical to go to Maui 20 years ago (which they agreed to) i was the first person ever to ask - and only a handful have asked for a sabattical since.

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    Good topic, there do seem to be lots of windsurfers in the London area. I have some friends in Clapham and Dulwich who travel to coast, sometimes a mission, but possible. Personally i live in Walton on Thames, 5 minutes from A3 which gets you to Hayling and Hill Head in 1hr and Witterings in 1hr 20. Whilst living on the coast would be great for Windsurfing, Surrey is great for just about everything else. When the wind is right iíve regularily made the journey a couple of time a week, especially on the long Summer days. Ability to work from home, flexible hours etc obviously help massively.........

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