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Thread: Floation

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    Quote Originally Posted by rod View Post
    My comments are made based on my experience of what I have done in similar situations many times (including rescuing people and trying to rescue people).

    So they stay. Not least because nearly all the subsequent posts echoed them.

    You delete the thread if you want Tomas. But actually there is a lesson here:
    The fact the thread makes you uncomfortable seems to echo your obvious discomfort at asking some strangers on a beach to assist when you weren't able (and was clearly compounded by your further discomfort that they'd think you were making a fuss about nothing).

    Overcoming that discomfort now and in the future might possibly mean someone gets helped in the future.

    So I'd say deleting the thread and or my comments would be perpetuating what started on that beach, and which I think you really do want to get right next time (as would we all).
    What you say here Rod is correct but criticising an individual who feels a little unsure of himself about his reactions is certainly not going to help anyone.
    Wether anyone attempts a rescue must be their own objective decision as to wether they report an incident must also be their own judgement call.
    As I said earlier we all must take responsibility for our own actions. We chose to put ourselves in quite a ridiculous environment.( Pozo is off my list of destinations for that very reason). Any criticism must be at that individual nobody else. He isn't some innocent bystander pushed into a dangerous environment. He chose to go there and either because of his lack of ability or poor kit care had put himself in danger. Yes, we may have a duty to report his situation but we certainly don't have one to put ourselves at risk.

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    I've closed the thread because it has run its course and there is little more that can useful be said. I think Thomas was brave to post and has done well in highlighting the issue.

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    The thread is now open again to allow people to edit or moderate their own posts if they so wish.

    Please respect the sensitivities that the thread has generated and act as your best possible selves.

    We can lock the thread again if need be, but hopefully that won't be necessary... it has a lot of positive things to offer and hopefully those will remain.

    thanks folks

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    Im late on here.Looking at events backwards is always easy for others.
    in the USA , as :could have , shouldhave , would have. ( coudda, shouddaa,woulda).
    enough has already been written , with suggestions and scenarios.
    i think you have been hard enough on yourself, and by posting we all learn.

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    for anyone that will still read this thread.

    i think the importance of self rescue could have gotten extra attention. everyone that goes out onto the water, in extreme conditions or not, has the obligation to take precautions. a rescue party is not always without risks either.

    the importance of self rescue increases with the extremity of the conditions. here in Holland the water gets cold in the winter, to freezing point, and I have experienced that cold water makes it very difficult to swim, waves or no waves.

    since one year now I am always carrying my Restube with me, an inflatable flotation device. i never needed it, but it does provide some reassurance.
    I also know of people who carry a cell phone with them, a maritime phone or even flares.
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