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    Advice on a new board purchase

    ok, I do a bit of everything, waves, freestyle and freeride.

    I was sort of going to go for a 2017 or 2016 Skate probably 100L, Only because Ive owned one for ages and loved it, but its getting old and probably the new ones feel different anyway.

    But just read some info on the 2017 Tabou 3S, looks good but I guess does none of them well but all of the disciplines ok.

    Budget is key, and of course if I had the money I would buy 2 boards but that aint gonna happen.

    I already have an 86L quad which is ok for waves. But a board that can be used in lighter winds in waves would be cool, and one I can use for progressing freestyle.

    Any of you have any opinions on the 3S and any other options I could consider.


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    Hi - I had a RRD Twintip 100 for ages as my main board. Then bought RRD FSW V3 (94L), also later bought a Fanatic Freewave 106 (Single fin). My experience has only been owning single fin types of FSW. Whilst the 94 is perfect for my weight (77kg), when I look at the wind-speeds and conditions I normally sail in (fairly flat 5.7m) I would err towards the larger size 106 if I wanted to have only one of these boards. So my advice would be go for the larger FSW board if you typically use larger sails, even if this is contrary to weight recommendation. If you sail in a lot of bump and jump/high wind stuff then go for 90/95L ish. I can comment on multi-fins, I don't sail in waves and hence I wouldn't really get the benefit.

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    The 2017 3S , went compact, very, it was not well received, in 2018the classic version comes back with the compact version. 3S 2016, was good . My 2011 3S, 98l, was nice, as you read before it doesn’t stand out in any area, but nice in all. I have a 110 Skate, in most areas it’s better, not as carvey.

    some years and sizes will have little quirks, some good some not.

    i would give some thought to the Tabou pocket wave, I liked it, but was 86l I think size is correct.

    best to keep a open mind when going Used a few years back. Good luck on your search

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