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    They are on the Quarter Finals now, with heat two coming up, including JJ Florence.

    He's always great to watch.
    (And, obviously, the current world champion, the current leader of the 2017 WSL tour, and the defending champion at this event.)
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    The Avon Beach BWA wave event is on this weekend.

    They are hoping for a bit of NW wind today but unfortunately it's not the ideal direction for that area.

    The event began yesterday for the pros, and there was no wind but spectators saw some tow-in windsurfing on flat seas.

    Why is it every time an event is planned in the UK that guarantees a period of wind beforehand and after but not for the event itself?
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    So, whilst it's not quite the sort of event that would normally get talked about here, I'm mentioning this because of the feelgood factor.

    After the awful attack in North Sinai at the weekend, it's great to see South Sinai holding an international windsurfing event, the 2017 African Windsurfing Championships. It's RSX and Techno 293 racing, hosted by Moonbeach. The event is not on a grand scale, being dominated by teams from Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia, but it's great to see that those countries can gather and hold international competition.
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