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    Ben did a midweek update on Facebook this morning (Thursday), and that's worth seeking out.

    They expect the wind to return from late Sunday, but with Monday onwards producing the better speed sailing conditions. Tuesday could produce record breaking conditions if the forecast comes good.

    He and Alfie Hart will be reporting and filming through until Wednesday but then Ben has to leave as he needs to be out in New Caledonia by November 20th to commentate on the PWA slalom 2017 season finale.

    Here's the windguru link for Luderitz.
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    Bjorn’s single armed boom always worries me. It looks so much longer kebab device that could remove fingers.

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    I think quite a few of the speed sailors now use one-sided booms. I don't know if any are in production, available to buy, but I do know that some have made their own.
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    Monday November 13th

    The windless period lasted a while longer than expected, but some wind is expected today.

    However it looks stronger for Tuesday and then Wednesday looks like the best day this week for new records.

    Andy Laufer has posted he reckons he'll still be on 6.2 for today and tomorrow, and then 5.5/5.7 sails on Wednesday.
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    I don't think it's about sail brands. It's more about the preparation and experience of the sailor, and then it's about the moment – with the right wind and flat water.

    Different sailors also have their era. I think you need the physical attributes to be a speed sailor and then you need to be the right age – with a lower and upper age limit.

    To be honest, I don't actually care what sails they competitors are on – or what boards or what fins they use. The interest is something more primal – man's ability to challenge himself and nature. I'd love to be there watching the speed runs on a windy day – just as I'd like to see surfers take on massive waves at Nazarre.

    Back on topic, I haven't heard any reports from today. Did the wind not show up, or are communications down again?
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    Ah, here we are. First news of this week.
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    I guess the wind blows more in the afternoon and early evening, people sail, stop, shower, have dinner, then do the edit photos and filming and social media stuff.

    The latest from Ben

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