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    iphone gps speed app

    Is anyone using their iphones to track their speed? it may not be suitable for ranking uploads, but a simple way of getting at least some data without splashing out on yet another gadget.

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    You could test it in your car or bike and see what you think. Nothing is 100% waterproof all the time. I used cheap waterproof bags and they leaked then got Aquapac which was far better but even that started to leak. It only needs to leak once, so understand the risk
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    I bought a cheap, small, splash proof android, put it in an aquapac type thing and tuck it inside top of wetsuit. Works fine. I wouldnt trust it with my Iphone, which is in any event too big. Strava works fine for tracking and speed given my imprecise needs. It being splashproof gives a second line of defence in case of a minor leak (which is by far the most likely), and tucking inside wetsuit means it isnt getting high speed water blasts.

    Also use phone for emergencies and for wife to track me in case Im overdue (Life360)

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