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    PWA tour 2017, Noumea, New Caledonia, Slalom finale.

    The Airwaves Noumea Dream Cup kicks off tomorrow, November 21st, and there should be a live stream, with Ben Proffitt on the commentary.

    Here's a link to the PWA event preview:
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    The time zone is 11 hours ahead, so in theory the skipper's meeting happens in about two hours time, at 11pm UK time which is 10am in New Caledonia.

    If it's windy then they could start slalom heats tonight, with some results by morning.

    Worth looking in on the PWA site late tonight or early tomorrow morning then.

    They may start with light winds – perhaps for the foiling fleet – as Windguru suggests the stronger wind arrives late Wednesday and for Thursday.
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    The live ticker is up and running for the day, with the sailors now registering, from 10am until 11am, local time.
    That's now, UK time, but between 11pm and 12 midnight.

    Skippers' meeting is then at 1pm local time (2am UK time) with the first possible start at 1.30pm.

    No news on the local wind conditions yet, but my guess is they will send the foiling fleet out today.

    Not sure I'll stay up for that!
    Might be worth checking in in the morning though.
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    2.25am, yes, it's on!

    The have 13-17knots and will start the men's first race heats straight away, in about five minutes, and hopefully with the live stream kicking in then too.

    (The livestream notice says the start will not be until 2pm – or 3am UK time.)
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    There are a lot of local sailors at this event and the seeding means that the first round – first four heats – contain a lot of names we might not recognise from previous PWA tour events.

    Established PWA sailors appear from round two with key contenders seeded straight through to round three onwards.
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    The livestream picture is now live.

    Looks like there is plenty of wind, and sailors are now leaving the beach in some numbers.
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    The coverage is going to be good – fantastic drone shots already.

    The start should be soon.

    Some of the sailors are on 7.8s already.
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