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    Commentary now live.

    The livestream picture is also superb!
    Now back in the UK.

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    I should be in bed but this is superb to watch. Plenty of wind, and they are rattling through the heats.

    despite one general recall for heat 3, they are now on heat five at the start of round two – and this heat includes Ben van der Steen, a previous winner at this event.

    The livestream picture is superb, in HD, and if the wind holds like this all week we are going to see a lot of racing. Great for the PWA slalom fleets to finish on this high note.
    Now back in the UK.

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    The story about the forecast is that this is the light wind day.
    With no stars on windguru for Tuesday they still have good wind for racing with local effects adding to the moderate Trade wind.
    But this wind increases tomorrow so despite just one star on Windguru it should honk later on Wednesday and for Thursday. Ooh.
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    Results from the men's final of race one:

    1) Iachino
    2) Lang
    3) Mortefon
    4) Albeau
    5) Koerdel
    6) Tosseli
    7) Williams
    8) Vrieswijk
    Now back in the UK.

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    Women's final:

    1) Cousin-Questel
    2) Granier
    3) Sunaga
    4) Mortefon
    5) Offringa
    6) Guillbaud
    7) Erdil
    8) Rautelin
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    Race two starts straight away, but sailing today will finish at 5pm (6am UK time) to allow sailors to go to the opening ceremony.
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    So they got through 8 heats of race two before the day's close.

    I think the livestream will be archived soon, so you'll be able to watch that this evening – before the day two action starts again.

    It's mostly great viewing with a good quality picture, although the start line is way out to sea.

    The guy on the drone camera is very good!
    Now back in the UK.

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