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    I had better make clear that for years I used chinook deckplates with the US cup system.

    I was forever having to deal with loosening bolts and a lot of sloppy 'play' that developed in the bearings. Sometimes you could resolve this by tightening things up.
    But the main issue was the nipples on the spring clips: There are two problems which emerged, firstly that the spring clip holes have to align with the mast extension and they vary from one brand of extension to another. Obviously they fit the Chinook extension just fine.But in the wrong extension, they are sometimes under a load they shouldn't be under.

    Secondly, the clips themselves often deteriorate over time because of the basic design, and because the standard of stainless steel varies.

    Changing to the euro pen system solved this, but I also buy a quality deckplate – usually the North one. I've never needed to tighten anything there.
    With the Euro-pin system, compatibility between extensions is also usually not a problem, unless your deckplate has the longer pin version.

    I'm not slagging off or plugging any brand here – just reporting what I have found over the past decade or more.
    Now back in the UK.

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    Thanks for your replies!

    Until now, I never had an issue with the US cup. The only thing I noticed was that the holes in the extension(!) look like they have enlarged a bit. Ok, I will think about it. Changing to Euro Pin means that I would have to buy a new extension. On the other hand I'm thinking of buying a carbon extension for some time, so that would be an oportunity...

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    By the way, do Streamlined extensions fit on chinook pins? I guess so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ursblank View Post
    By the way, do Streamlined extensions fit on chinook pins? I guess so.
    Yes they do. I certainly use streamlined RDM Euro-pin extensions with Chinook Euro-pin bases.
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