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Thread: Caroline

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    Might be the last wind in the 10degrees+ range for a while, so thought I'd mention it. Thursday could be good over here, though not mega swell I think.

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    So, is the wind going to pick up enough on the south coast today or not? Trying to decide whether to drive down from London.

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    My reading of this is that the low that has been labelled as Storm Caroline is very deep, dropping to 958mb on Thursday night into Friday, but the centre is well to the north of Scotland by then.

    The low is already with us (10am on Wednesday) and I see they have 30mph winds at Rhosneigr this morning.
    As the low deepens the damaging winds are across Scotland and the North East, but all areas have strong wind overnight and into Thursday morning.
    40-50mph gusts are expected in the South.

    The first front arrives in the west later this morning and then a series of further fronts bring rain. The final cold front tracks across the Southeast on Thursday morning and clears around lunchtime. The passing of that cold front veers the SW wind to WNW then NW, and then we are back in very cold air for the follow f few days or longer.

    So today, Wednesday, we're in milder air and it's about 10 degrees here in Brighton and Hove.
    The wind is building here too, just about reaching 20mph but the bad news is that it's quite onshore at SSW and we also have a big lunchtime tide 'in the way'.
    Some are heading to Worthing, I hear.

    The wind in the southeast isn't that strong today but should reach 5m weather for the falling tide.

    It then honks overnight – so we have the usual lack of daylight problem we often see at this time of year.

    It should be very windy and mild for a dawn patrol session tomorrow (Thursday) but it may also be raining a lot. The SSW wind should veer more SW as the rain comes overhead.

    The cold front tomorrow will bring clearer air and less manic wind levels, so Thursday afternoon could be OK – and not yet too chilly – if you can find a beach that works with NW wind.
    It might be WNW for a while, which would work for Hove if it doesn't drop too much.

    In summary, I'm looking at this as being a 'catch what you can' situation.
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    Wednesday, 12.30.

    Hove update: It's coming up to high water here and I'd say it's 5.3 or even 5.0 weather now.

    The sea is a lumpy mess here and I wouldn't think of launching at this stage of the tide, but the shorebreak is not bad – so it's not a big wave day, yet.

    Tide times suggest this beach might be sailable for an hour or so before dark. Worthing will open up earlier. The forecast is for the wind to be a bit up and down, and I wouldn't be surprised if it drops at bit from what we have now, especially over high water.

    It's then due to increase late afternoon or for this evening.

    There's still a nip in the air which some might struggle to overcome, and I wouldn't describe it as mild. You'd need a winter wetsuit and it's probably boots and hood weather?

    A lot of our local weather sites are down today – two Worthing sites are stuck on out of date values, and the Shorehambeach site is still down too.
    Lancing sailing club is logging 19-20 knots, now gusting to 23.

    Chimet has been showing little wind this morning but that site is now showing a recent increase to 20knots+

    Not sure I'm going to bother here – but I'll keep looking.
    High water is at 1pm and 'sunset' is at 4pm – but there's no sun here at the moment.
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    I'm booking off a half day tomorrow, and think I'll head to west witterings for middayish hopefully to find some swell and the switch to NW fingers crossed!

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    I got reports from Worthing an hour ago that it 'wasn't that windy'. Maybe the high tide lull.

    I think it has picked up since then, but I also see that the wind on Chimet – to the west of us – has just dropped a lot.

    We've had a bit of rain here, and that alone has made the wind a bit up and down.
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    Thursday, 11am.

    After being kept awake all night by the noisy wind conditions I then wimped out of sailing early, despite a plan to catch the lower tide.

    The problem is the wind was too onshore, the sea was and is a mess of white water, and now, at mid morning, it's just too windy for me anyway. Despite supposedly mild temperatures, the windchill is bad.

    I guess Shoreham beach might have worked for a while this morning, so let's hope someone's scored something from this gale. Perhaps Pagham or Pevensey Bay are working now.

    It's grey here in Hove and we're now due a lot of rain as the cold front comes overhead. That should also veer the SSW wind more SW then W, but watch out for the drop in wind and a swing to offshore as the rain clears.
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