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    OT, Surfing, WSL finale, Billabong Pipemasters, Hawaii.

    Quick heads up for surfing fans:

    The Billabong Pipemasters event starts today and the first heats are about to go live on the WSL site, at 7.30am Hawaii time (17.30hrs in the UK).

    This is also the final event pf the 2017 tour and so results here will decide the men's championship title for the year.
    Can John John Florence make it two years in a row? He does have the advantage here that it's his home break.
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    The waves are fantastic – and so it's a shame this day is for the trialists, to determine which two get into the main event with seeded WSL name surfers.

    But the standard is high and there are plenty of top surfers from the qualifying tour and from a talented local pool of Hawaiian competitors.

    Let's hope these barrels last – or get better – for the main event.
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    The trials got finished in one day, and then they had two 'lay days' over the weekend – because the swell wasn't that good.

    But tonight – or Monday day time in Hawaii – the heats are under way again,

    They are now on heat 3 of round one of the main event, as I type this.

    (I just got home from work. And that's my evening viewing sorted.)
    Now back in the UK.

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    I don't know if any of you lot have been watching the finals day at this surfing event this evening – and it's still going on – but the breaking news is that JJ Florence has just been confirmed as WSL champion for the second year running.

    He had a good points lead coming into this event, but an on-form Gabriel Medina could have taken the 2017 title off him. Today it soon became clear that Medina would need to win this final event but he just got beaten by Jeremy Flores in a fantastic quarter finals heat. The live stream quality and coverage is so good!

    If you have been watching all evening however, the plot of this competition couldn't have been better written – and it has been a privilege to follow the ins and outs of this end of season competition.

    I wonder who will go on to win this last event of the WSL year? It would be good to see JJF win the Pipe Masters event for the first time on his home beach, but there are top surfers like Italo Ferreira and Kanoa Igarashi to prevent this. And Flores of course, who is a previous winner.

    The coolest thing today – or this evening for us European viewers – was when the local school pupils turned out to support John John Florence. It's not simply that they support the fellow Hawaiian, it's that he himself went to their school, just across the road from where the action happens. This is their beach too.

    The waves aren't huge (for Pipe) but this is fun to watch.
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