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    Based on this response,Ola, this should be a top seller.

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    any big changes to the quantum or flywave coming out of.your cortex ola??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Northy View Post
    any big changes to the quantum or flywave coming out of.your cortex ola??

    All boards get a new type of finish and new graphics following the Freestyle and Slalom boards already released. The Quantum stays the same except for a new tail design (2cm shorter tail and a swallow) which makes it a little bit snappier. Helix stays the same. There will be a completely new Fly which is a mix between the current Fly and Kai's Peahi board, in the sense of using the round Fly outline with the Peahi v-based rocker, which the readers of this thread remembers is also the basis for the Cortex.

    To repeat a bit. It's kind of funny with that progressive v-based rocker, because it was really developed as my first dedicated thruster rocker even before I started with Simmer. It ended up on our first freewave, and was "bent" just a hunch for the smallest 78 liter model, then it formed the basis for the Peahi design and year later for a Hookipa custom for Kai which is what now is ending up the new FLy. Then I modelled the Cortex on the same rocker (with some v-flow changes) and after that I used it for some other projects too.

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    Fascinating insights, Ola, into the design process. It's interesting to see (from your CAD overlay) how all six shapes 'meet in the middle', and have very similar mastfoot and footstrap positions, then diverge a lot in the nose and tail.
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    These are all boards of similar width, 55.5 - 56.5, volumes from 73-78 plus the exception the Peahi which is 83. And since a few years, I always line my boards up by the back strap, instead of by the tail. It's more natural and as you notices it makes you think of the boards as having differently long tails instead of having the strap at different distances from the tail. Thinking about the length and shape of the tail instead of strap placement really helps me to better understand the boards. And as you see, boards that would typically stand out as wide tail boards, really aren't. The red Torrent fx, does not really have a very wide tail at tall. The Cortex, though, is a wide tail board.
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    Great info, from the shaper himself. Will the other new/revised shapes also be available around February-April? I'm especially interested in the new version of the Fly... The specs of this one?

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    The new Fly is not 100% ready so I think closer to summer for that one. As it looks now, the dimensions will be the same as now

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    92: 229x58.6
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