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    Wave Riding

    Hi guys, looking for some tips to improve my speed when dropping in to make my first bottom turn. Usually sail cross to cross on conditions on the south coast and as I知 slowly improving my technique (starting to make one or two turns on a wave) feel quite often I知 not starting with enough speed and so when going for my top turn the wave goes underneath me.
    I normally start backside at the top of the wave and drop in as it walls up, but I知 starting to think a better option might be to sail away from the wave down wind and almost gybe back onto the wave to keep speed especially as the waves are generally quite slow and mushy.

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    The key is to sit on the wave as it shapes up but heading upwind on it at first.
    'Dropping in' then requires a similar technique to fast gybing, but with the help of the push of the wave.

    If you are heading fast along the wave when going upwind, then you have the speed already. Bear away hard, tightening the turn so that you remain on the wave face and the push and slope of that face helps you keep speed.
    Find a decent wave, and aim for the section that has a steep and clean face.

    If you end up in the flats in front of the wave, and with no speed, then you have got it wrong. Pump into the first part of the turn if necessary. But the key is to work with the wave as if surfing it.
    Now back in the UK.

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