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    Only one day on the water at Pozo. E winds = less than forecast and NE winds = more than forecast.
    I liked Pozo. Ace rigging area, easy launch, fantastic cafe on the promenade overlooking the beach. (1 hr evil tack bad wave riding followed by really excellent fried octopus and coffee, polished off with another hour of groove riding).
    If I could jump on port I would have been in heaven.

    The sad thing was the the wind never came through at Vargas (15km upwind) as I was staying 500m upwind from Vargas beach at the spot called the step / sea urchins (there weren any ) on a deserted bit of coast. Here.

    Would definitely consider going back.

    i took my 103 super mini + 5.3 & 4.7 a blog about looping

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