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    5 of the best, bit of fun


    You have just been made redundant in August, and you have a nice payout.

    You decide to go on a world tour of windsurfing for 1 year.

    Where would you go back to AND for how long. Doesn't have to be strictly adhered too as you will see from mine :-)

    This is mine

    Aug, Sept, Oct - Tiree
    Nov - Dec Jeri
    Jan - Feb - March Cape Town Not been (But going in 2 weeks time)
    April - May - Ireland
    June - July Fuerteventura

    I realise a similar list has been done but not quite the same I think

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    Mine would be
    Jan Feb. March...Cape Verde ( might be Vietnam after next Feb)
    April / May ...Leucate
    June/ July Fuerteventura ( Corlejo or Sotavento depending on wind
    July/ August. Rhodes
    Sept.Oct. ...Barra
    Nov, Dec..Jamaica ( or BVI, Barbados, one of Caribbean Islands. Plenty to chose from and get away from crowd)

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    mine would be

    Dec / Jan - feb - Western Australia
    easter ish - would be Barbados
    summer would be spread between the canary islands probably follow the PWA round in a big camper van alsp doing Fuerte and Lanzorote

    Sep - November - would like to do Tiree and Cornwall / Ireland on a forecast

    i would also like to squeeze a cape town trip in maybe every alternate year swapping with WA

    all sadly a dream as i will be working till i drop dead !

    it would be nice to give it one last go before age really becomes an issue to improve and get really sailing fit before it all goes downhill
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    40 48'N 14 26'E -Western Med - West South Atlantic
    I’d eliminate any location not trade wind tropical, subtropical or not windy summertime.
    Northern Brazil in a 4x4
    Hawaiian islands.
    New Caledonia
    Baja California/Sea of Cortez 4x4
    Western Australia 4x4

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    Oct.-Nov Brittany,
    Dec. South of France
    Jan, Feb, March Australia
    April,Mai June- Fuerte
    Juli, Aug, Sep Denmark

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    Places I want to go & haven't been to yet:

    Jan/Feb - Los Roques
    April/May - Maui
    June - Hood River
    July/Aug - Pacasmayo
    Oct/Nov - Mauritius

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