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    UK windsurfing weather for Xmas and new Year Holidays, 2017/8

    Seems to me we should have a running thread for the Xmas and New Year holiday period.

    There has not been much action on here due to cold weather or lack of interest, but there has been windsurfing going on.

    The recent cold snap wasn't great but we can look forward to a period of milder weather over Xmas itself.
    Obviously, most will have family and other commitments preventing much time on the water, but I see there is wind forecast for Xmas Eve, Xmas Day and Hopefully for Boxing Day.

    Let's update this as and when the forecast becomes clearer.

    You can also share your sailing plans here, in the usual way.
    Now back in the UK.

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    who plans to sail Xmas day if its good.

    Me :-)

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    I keep checking on the weather detail but it does change, due to a slightly complex chart.

    For those of us on the south coast we are close to high pressure that sits over mainland Europe. This makes the wind strengths we actually a bit unpredictable. The Met Office have less wind than GFS-based sites like windguru etc.

    My reading for Hove is that we have a marginal SW wind on Xmas Eve, and then the wind is stronger on Xmas Day and probably for Boxing Day but with a SSW (or quite southerly) wind direction.

    We also have low water at breakfast time here in the Southeast, so that suggests an early or at least a morning sail – which also suits those with a Xmas lunch to eat.

    So Xmas Eve may produce wind enough for say Worthing in the afternoon, and Xmas Day might work for somewhere like Shoreham in the morning.

    The Boxing Day forecast keeps changing in detail, at this stage. There's also some heavy rain possible.

    After this weather system passes, the wind could go more NW for the following days, also bringing in colder air and dropping the temperatures below 10 degrees again. So it may be too cold to sail as we go into the New Year.
    Now back in the UK.

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    Hoping to get out in Mablethorpe tomorrow.

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    I still can't decide if Christmas eve is going to get enough wind in The Solent for me to cause family strife for?

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    I'm keeping an eye on boxing day, either Newton or Weston, nothing firm yet.
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    Xmas eve looks great for rhosneigr!

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