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    I went out this morning and had a couple of hours on the water. It is the first time I have done it in December so feeling pleased with myself

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    Xmas Eve. 11am.

    Some places have good wind today but here in the Southeast we have less than forecast.

    On the plus side, it does now seem to be picking up and Worthing has just hit 20mph.

    Not much on Chimet though.

    If the forecast is right then we should see reasonable wind over lunchtime and for mid afternoon, but maybe not proper waveboard weather.

    The Met Office are suggesting 19-20mph for today, but 23mph+ tomorrow – if you can sail on Xmas Day.
    The direction is WSW today for the Southeast but looks more onshore at SSW tomorrow.

    It's still pretty mild but Boxing Day looks chilly.
    Now back in the UK.

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    I was skunked at Newton early today, hopefully it improved later on, but my window of opportunity was limited due to family arriving.

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    Home for Christmas so, had a good hour on 4.8 at Camber this arvo.

    Will be sailing there again tomorrow morning around 9ish for a couple of hours followed by shed loads of beer, wine, food and a minging hangover boxing day..

    Merry Christmas

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    Visiting family near winchester so not sure on best locations tomorrow.... Anyone sailing southbourne area? Wondering where to head to ideally not sail solo?

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    Hi Guys, Heading down to Bigbury tomorrow and staying over the New Year. Looks like there may be some wind (WSW) is Bigbury Bay the best spot to head for around that area?

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    Upper Dicker, E Sussex
    Hi everyone, looking for advice on where to sail tomorrow in either Dorset or Devon. Bigbury may be a bit too far but possibly if that's the spot

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