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    Haha!!! Just perfect! Those were some nice little skate boards !

    Mine is tuned up for cranking upwind with a sideon 23cm fin. I don't have the stock fin. I like it quite a bit and can still whip around at the top turn although not as controlled as a multi-fin. For some reason it doesn't feel like 23cm for rail-to-rail but still has tons of low end grunt.

    Honestly, for the crap conditions we've been getting, the single fin gives me this feeling for freedom (not glued to the water, fast, good for jumps, early plane and strong lull resistance) and for some reason, I'm not afraid to bury the rail at the bottom turn under larger waves anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boards_Manuel View Post

    Honestly, for the crap conditions we've been getting,
    Hi Manuel, what's the best time of year for wind in Cabarete?

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    Great videos, makes me look forward to the Spring and getting back out to the beach again.

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    Pedro, depends on what you are looking for, there are better seasons for wave riding, surf sailing and better ones for jumps or blasting.

    Normally January is wavy but not so windy.
    February is pretty windy with not-so-big waves.
    March big waves can be windy too.
    April similar to Feb.
    End of April to Mid-May (rainy season, pretty bad, no wind).
    End of May-June best wind still some waves but flattening out a bit.
    July can remain quite good.
    August starts slowing down with the hurricane stealing our trade winds.
    Sept so-so
    October not as good wind-wise, waves are coming back.
    November, good waves poor wind (rainy season starts)
    December, pretty rainy low chances.

    You can also look at the watermark at kite beach wind history, the gauge has been broken but used to have great data.

    MS, thanks, I watch them when it's not so windy and it reminds me that it can be pretty good here.
    It's been a pretty rough past couple of years but this vid was shot over the course of last year.

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    Ok thanks Manuel. Trying to organize a trip out there just not sure of best time to go.

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