Hopefully this is OK to post...

For those not aware Windsurfing UK Magazine (http://www.windsurfingukmag.co.uk/) have two of the UK's top coaches producing regular technique articles. SB's Windwise method will be familiar to many already and here Simon continues his tried and tested with technique aimed at the intermediate/progressing sailor. One thing that was missing from a lot of windsurfing media, however, is knowledge articles aimed at the beginner/early intermediate, which is where Simon Winkley comes in with his Windsurfing 101 fundamentals series.

We decided to group all 2017's coaching articles together into one neat package that you can download for free. Obviously this won't be applicable to all but for those who it is you can download and keep as a handy reference manual.

Stay tuned for more coaching coming from both S's in Windsurfing UK this year.

Link to coaching manual here: http://www.windsurfingukmag.co.uk/wi...ital-magazine/