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    Quote Originally Posted by Maker View Post
    Basher - good points. read foils for windsurfing boards are designed around existing boards' fin positions, but if foil could be more towards the middle it could be different and lower drag.
    I see kiters in El Medano foiling in what feels like 5 knots or even less, and on choppy 30knot+ days. It's come a long way on kites.
    Worth looking at Matthew''s contribution on the foiling thread. Sean Cox's canard looks to have a lift component probably 250mm in front of the finbox.
    We need purpose designed boards I'm sure.

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    To be fair, the home made mini foils are just a bit of fun. Just for tinkering with in the shed on no wind days. They are not intended to fly like full-on foils, even if they did fly like a foil, they would soon have control issues. They are just intended too give a bit more lift/power for those who do not wont to go down the 9m/10m sail size route.

    Personally, I have a SB formula 161 and 9.6m which gets fully going in 8k to 10k. Plus the iS130/9.6m works great in 10k to 12k. So light summer breezes are covered.

    Still not found any solid feedback on the production mini foils like Zulu fins etc, any one know otherwise?

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    I think the claims are wildly exaggerated.

    Mark, I really concerned that the wing on the bottom will prove too fragile .

    K4 Fins 4Boards TRI-sails Sailrepair

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