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    The umbrellas in the front 2 doors of the Superb are probably the best kept little perk, not sure about the ice scraper inside the fuel filler cap though, seems like an odd place for it but at least they tried!
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    I think my car is giving me signs to change car.
    Clutch has gone so expensive 1k fix.

    Tested an S-Max, actually drives quite well although lacking a bit of power.
    Huge inside.
    I measured the distance from the back of the front seats to the end of the boot and its 200 cm.
    So I could have kids on the side seats and with the middle seat down I can fit sails up about 6/6.5 depending on boom size. Masts would go on top of sails popping between the 2 front seats but I think still ok.
    Board and boom on a roof rack though.

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