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Thread: Forum changes?

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    We're obviously off topic, but the thread topic I started here almost seems like fake news now. Obviously it was some blip in the system, and it's good to see someone is keeping the basic forum going for the time being. (In addition to us contributors, that is).

    As far as Facebook goes, that's mostly for local groups and for family groupings and friends. As such, it's not a place for broad discussion, perhaps because people in those groups are more likely to meet up face to face.
    The growth of local groups on Facebook has taken away traffic from forums like this, and of course the loss of the magazine and then the online news pages has only compounded that problem.

    I have also noticed that when discussion does start on Facebook, people do start to moan on a lot. Some of my local home city groups on Facebook are great for selling an old sofa, but you take you life in your hands if you mention road works, parking charges or bin collection days.

    I gave up on Twitter a long time ago. Instagram also seems to have peaked in terms of interest for me.

    I'm in Cape Town and today we had a windless day, so I sorted through the gear I keep here, trying to have a clear out.
    It was then difficult to know where to put an advert to sell this unwanted stuff.
    In Cape Town they use Gumtree, a 'what'sapp' buying and selling group, and there's also a Facebook local selling page. Then again, you can make a list of kit for sale, hand-written on paper, and you stick that on a post in the windsurfing car parks.
    My conclusion about social media is that what was supposed to bring us together more easily has actually spread us apart into small and specialist or self-congratulatory groups.
    Now back in the UK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phill104 View Post
    I deleted my Facebook account a couple of years ago so this really is the only place I hear anything. Twitter has the odd bit of news but it is very easy to miss something.
    I get most of my news and entertainment on fb, who's doing what and where, what Duncans up to for instance, Nick going round the world, Wully and his super light, Carol trying to organise an event next year, lots of contacts with people I haven't seen in years, it's a far more powerful media than forums, although the forum also has it's place. FB seems to appeal more to folk from our generation, making the world a small place, I stay in touch with all the folk in the Gorge, windsurfers have always pioneered new media so it's not surprising that all the old guys communicate on it at some time or other, check that Old School Windsurfers group, lots of old pics on there. I think it's like everything to get from it what you want to. The kite world lives by it, lots of gear changes hands, as does the dinghy world, but it's like everything, you either engage and benefit or stand on the side lines and not. Life's too short to ignore things, if you don't like something just click away to the next, there's lots of humour and pathos, just like real life, the trick however is not to get too hooked on it, it's not real unless you're there and posting stuff yourself.

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