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Thread: Tiree

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    We’ve always left the south after work the night before ,driven up and slept in the ferry car park. Alternative is leaving earlier and stopping in one of Obans hotels. There are lots of places to stay, depending on how many of you there are. Roadmans Cottage is nice if your a couple, and has space for two more on a mezzanine floor. I’ve allways liked staying by Baillephoul as it’s the beach your least likely to check, it’s always easier to sail Crossapol than drive there.

    Do do your shopping in the coop it’s well stocked and it helps the locals. Chat to the Wild Diamond guys there pretty helpful about where will be best. Don’t choose the square sauasage on the Calmac breakfast options. Fuel up at the garage a couple of miles outside of Oban on the island it’s extortionate.

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    TallJames, thanks, all very useful!

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