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    Best windsurf car

    Instead or resurrecting one of the many from past years I thought I'd kick off a new one. Criteria is car, not van, less than 5 years old.

    What have people got that works well? Tried any that looked good and found seats that don't fold well? I'm open minded about hatchbacks or estate or even some sort of SUV or MPVs.

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    I can recommend the Citroen Berlingo 2008 on. If you get the XTR you get an internal roof rack (I carry my 7'4 surfboard & sup paddles there), all 3 rear seats fold down and are removable separately. The front passenger seat folds flat enough for two boards in bags below the window line. My 255cm long excite ride fits in with space to spare with the rear N/S and middle seats folded flat and the O/S seat still available.

    Mine's a diesel and I get 50 + mpg but there are petrol versions.

    The only minus point, I have a quiverack on the roof & as it is such a tall car ( my mates call it the 'Pope mobile') I can't get under height barriers.

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    A thread resurrection I admit (from last week), but just in case you missed it:
    Eeeh 'tis grim dahn Sarf.

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    2nd the Berlingo, seats all fold and if on a long trip I take the rear seats out completely, put a sheet of hard-board in and sleep in it. They do 3 power ratings on the Diesel engines and even though mine is only the lowest power (75hp) it still manages to tow a caravan OK. I found it easy to do most servicing myself, however I'm working my way up to changing the air filter which seems to involve dismantling half the engine compartment. Great car if you don't mind the lack of street-cred. Holds my biggest w/s board inside no probs (110 firemove), total capacity inside is 2 boards and a few sails. Any more such as SUP need to go on roof. Ive looked at loads of cars as a possible replacement and one possible alternative is the Skoda Yeti, much more expensive though.
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    No such thing as BEST

    K4 Fins 4Boards TRI-sails Sailrepair

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    Amazingly there is a parallel thread just appeared on the dogging forum
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    Surely the answer is still; Some sort of VW surfbus, preferably a T4 ?

    Option 2, a sorry second choice, would be some sort of big old car you don't mind chucking wet stuff in.
    Now back in the UK.

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