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    Another vote for the Berlingo. Quatro went inside, all sails, booms, masts everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Front_to_Sail View Post
    Instead or resurrecting one of the many from past years I thought I'd kick off a new one. Criteria is car, not van, less than 5 years old.

    Best to actually read the initial post. T4 last my facilities were intact were a VAN.

    Car being some smaller

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    Well and all, the hard fact is nothing. The best windsurfing vehicle is a van. I had a Vauxhall Omega before I got a T5, and roomy as it was there was no way I could wriggle out of my wetsuit in the back of it,much less brew up. Save your pennies, face `er indoors down and visit Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.
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    big old car for me, a 2nd gen Honda CRV with a roof rack. got a plastic liner in the boot perfect for the wetsuit and a picnic table. you could get a shower for it too
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    Chrysler Grand Voyager - is it a it's both. The back 5 seats fold into the floor, and everything then fits behind the two front seats. Just love a leather captain's chair, column shift, and cruise.

    Once you've fitted a replacement gearbox, sorted the wheel bearings, dealt with the ABS issues, fitted new discs, and changed the CDs...they are a real bargain.

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    Volvo V40, V50, V60 (Not the lastest model 2018) and V70 have a passager seat that folds flat!
    Nice cars with high quality, in different price range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zedzedeleven View Post
    ... visit Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.
    Alas I do, once or twice a year. I pass through the showroom to the Skoda parts desk, which is always unattended so I ring the bell and have a quick shufti round the lifestyle vans on display. The price tags are eye-watering: 40 or 50K for one of those California/Beach type things. Any old estate will take all your gear inside, but passengers, changing or sleeping is a lot to ask.

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