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    Old skool speed boarder

    Hi guys can you help. I used to windsurf in the late 80s early 90s on a speed board. Iv just got a mid 2000s fanatic 295 i got cheap. Theres no rig with it and need to no wot to buy. Mast boom sail etc. Any helpers ?

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    You can probably use 6.0 to 8.0m sails on that board and a bit bigger or smaller at either end if you are just getting back into it and just want the one board to do it all. It'll be a pretty old board, maybe a Bee or something as 295 is considered pretty old school now. You can use old sails, 'no cam' rotationals are better than they were in the 90s, if you want to keep it all cheap. Watch the mast length as newer sails generally use shorter masts, this is better as you can get more sizes to one mast, but don't end up having to buy lots because of mismatched sails. You know this, but shopping list is base / extension, sails to get started with, booms and masts. Gumtree and eBay are okay but you have to sift through a lot of junk to find usable kit.

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    That board will be fine for getting back into sailing. I'd suggest you source a decent 460 or 430 mast from a manufacturer that uses a middle of the road bend curve. (a quick google of mast bend + manufacturer name) will tell you - or check the unifiber site for a list I'd get a mast first as they are harder it pick up cheap / second hand. Once you have a mast then there are loads of cheap sails about, make sure they are a reasonable fit interms bend curve and it will need to fit the length specified (adjustable heads are not fitted to big sails anymore). Most brands will offer a 5 batters power wave line and/or a freeride line with no cams and 5,6 or 7 battens. Almost any of these in the last 15 years will be fine. Id get the best deal over holding out for a specific brand/model. And also check it will all fit together (mast bend curve and mast / boom length). The best sails on the wrong mast / boom will be worse than mid market gear that fits together well.

    Id get a new base / extension. The rest secondhand is fine as long as you give it all a thorough check.

    good luck.

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    Where are you based Jetman?

    If I was you I would book a weekend in Weymouth/Portland and rent from the OTC for 2 days to get yourself back into the swing of things, it might be that what you perceive you can do and what you can do are different. They will give you a flavour of what modern kit is like and you might realise that for the sake of your enjoyment it might be better to look for bigger stuff than you would think, that way you get more time on water planning which is what we all ultimately want.
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