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Thread: Kiting ??

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    This is here in the UK Navegante. Dog walkers are often too lazy to clean up after their pooches. We also have quite a few kite schools that run on the shore. Regulations are very thin on the ground but if we pushed for it the morons that legislate would inevitably include windsurfing with kites and we would all end up in the brown stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeroensurf View Post
    if you have a deadwish you can always talk with us about it, there is really no need for drastic actions you might regret later.
    There is that. The potential for injury is stunningly higher than with windsurfing. From broken bones, to lost fingers, to stretched spines (apparently a chronic problem), to ruptured timpani (for hydrofoil). And despite the improvements with the equipment people still die. Just last year there was a casualty here at Alameda: windy, expert level kiter got dragged on the beach, hit a box ... and dead.

    So ... be careful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoFish View Post
    Do it in the spot where all the windsurfers launch and land; especially so if there's white water involved. Lay all your string and parasol stuff out across the route from the car park. Launch and land your kite just where small children are building sand castles on the beach, or where old dears are walking along the seafront enjoying an ice cream. Do your twirly-whirlies just where the windsurfers need to waterstart out of the impact zone. Otherwise you'll never be seen as a proper kitesurfer.
    Richard Branson is launching a space ship soon , be the first to kite in outer space without a safety line.

    2fish, you forgot that they claim all the picnic tables and lay board and clothing in a stylish array, so canít be used for purpose intended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tooold2dance View Post
    2fish, you forgot that they claim all the picnic tables .
    Fortunately, our weather means that is rarely an issue for us Brits.
    Eeeh 'tis grim dahn Sarf.

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    Alphie...your post sounds almost like you are asking for permission! Changing to kiting...because it looks easier???....sounds to me like a strange way to resolve a problem with your windsurfing. If the conditions are too gnarly for your skill level...or physical fitness ( no shame in either), why not just seek out places that suit? Contrary to your observations the vast majority of people I see kiting do it in flat and very shallow water not waves or shorebreak. I consider my level of fitness still capable of dealing with gnarly conditions but my age suggests it is more sensible to sail somewhere more mellow now. As always with windsurfing, it is not what you can cope with when things go well, it is what you can deal with when faced with problems like broken kit or injury...or just running out of energy! Grumph in his post forgot to add the not insignificant cost of several pairs of boardshorts and waterproof earphones to help deal with the boredom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphie View Post
    Thanks Nave...I,ll learn asap.
    Quote Originally Posted by mikerb View Post
    Alphie...your post sounds almost like you are asking for permission!
    It’s ok Mikerb!
    As you can see Alphie has acknowledged my permission and he is happy with that!!

    You go Alphie, deaf ears to naysayers!!

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    You night be right...but I doubt it.
    Fact is without doubt there are conditions where kiting is infinitely more suited to enjoying yourself...those conditions have been demonstrated here in Mui Ne past week or so. Short harsh seas, bad shore break and at many times nit enough power for windsurfers to power out..
    Went over to Phang Rang and a different story...
    Years ago I faced dilemma of learning to snowboard having spent years snow skiing...was a half decent skier.. Eventually, and with much sarcasm from so called friends, learnt to snow board.. Fact is with that if you stick to just skiing you are a fool. Board is better, more fun, more enjoyable...whatever your skil level in many conditions...on others Skis are better. I suspect now that kiting is similar. The best solution is to do both and choose which suits conditions you are presented with. I dont think I,d even take kite to Leucate but if I return to Mui will be to kite. We shouldn't allow dogma and prejudice to enter in our choice of passtimes. ( PS, I can actually kite board, learnt in Tarifa in 2004, had I not I,d have sailed twice in 6 weeks...2004 was a windless summer for windsurfers...kiters got out quite a lot) Mui Ne has made me think I should have continued with my kiting, I would need to improve to enjoy Mui Ne..

    Thanks for your blessing Nave..��

    Miker..are you a social worker or psychologist ? �� ��

    Completely OT..thinking of joining this club. On drive over to Phan Rang yesterday passed a group of youths all on their Honda C 90,s and such...all wearing black tee shirts with logo in 4 inch tall letters

    We bumped into them filling up with fuel...meekest hells angels chapter in the world ?? They were brill...
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