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Thread: sat 24

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamie.T View Post
    Sea temp off the south coast is now 4.5c, thats as cold as i have ever seen here! Bare foot might be out for a bit
    Water temps for the solent over the last few years on this date
    Today 4.0c
    Year ago today 7.5c
    2015 - 6.7c
    2014 - 8.4c
    2013 - 5.1c
    2011 - 6.7c
    2010 - 5.6c
    2009 - 6.7c

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    offshore in the channel is about 8c, the same as it pretty much always is in March.
    If the weather stays mild it should warm up to that inshore too pretty quickly too - then its a more gradual warm up from there until we hit the magical 11C when (for me anyway) it is no longer an issue. Mid April hopefully??

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