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    W/C 5th March 2018

    So it looks as though we are slipping free of winter and the foreseeable forecast looks more Atlantic driven.
    A big low developing down near Portugal May slip up to the Uk giving a chance of southerly winds with planing strength.

    For wave sailors and surfers, the West Country looks particularly exciting with a big long period swell at the weekend.

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    There has been further snow up North so many won't be thinking of windsurfing today. However, here on the south coast I can tell you we have a balmy 7 degrees and the wind is up at 4.7 weather so far, maybe gusting to 30mph.

    It's WSW with quite a bit of W in it so that's maybe not logging accurately on some beach-based sites.
    The sun is shining and the temperature could reach 9 degrees this afternoon, although the wind is expected to ease down a bit after 3pm.

    High water in the Southeast is at about 3.30pm or 4pm.

    Late edit: Two out in west Hove on 4.5s.
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    For weekend warriors around the south coast Sunday should see good waves all the way up to selsey bill. K-bay could be epic port tack wavesailing if the SE wind fills in as it is on some forecasts. Unfortunately its Mothers day so I'm out. Very frustrating as I'd forgotten about it and was getting excited!

    Saturday looks like marginal s'ly winds for the south coast - that's pretty much always ****, but I guess chance forecasts could still change so I'll keep half an eye on the afternoon when I'm free.

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    Just as I get my van back on the road the wind starts to ease back. (I had the usual flat battery after 8 weeks away).

    I guess I was in no rush to sail today anyway – and have yet to put straps back on my favourite wave board – and I have now missed the tide window today.

    Looking ahead, I may regret that.
    On the face of it, there's not much useful wind this weekend unless you head to the southwest – but Monday looks (or looked) hopeful for Hove on Windguru.

    However, the Met Office have less wind for Monday and I see that the BBC forecast looks more like a GFS one now that they have sacked the Met Office as their forecast suppliers.
    The other issue for Monday is really about how a small low sits over the south coast and we can't yet be sure just where it will sit.

    I'm noting the above on the basis that we may also need to check out how reliable these latest forecasts currently are.
    If the BBC forecasts are now based on GFS data then they are no better or no different than what you'll find on Windguru, Windfinder, or XCweather.

    I'll look into this further.

    The main thing to say about this weekend's weather is that is should be increasingly mild, with warmer air brought in from the south – along with some rain.
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    The new BBC forecasts were odd last week too. They still use the Met Office for weather warnings (and they seemed to be spot on at least where I live), but the weather forecast itself as shown on the app is now compiled by Meteogroup and can be inconsistent. We had weather warnings for extreme snowfall on the app and TV, yet the app forecast was showing a single snowflake for just 1 hour. And what we got was heavy snow for several hours and light snow for several more hours. I read that there was a transition period during which the app, websites and TV may be using different sources as they changeover.

    Its probably best to move to use the metoffice website and app, thats the same data that the BBC used to use so should be consistent with prior experience - but it has ads. Having just installed it on iphone, I think that the met office app is excellent - you can choose to display knots and it seems to have more precise locations than BBC.
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    The really annoying thing about the new bbc forecast is that it describes every single day as "breezy" seemingly regardless of the actual predicted windstrength. 10mph is not "breezy"!!

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    They kept using the same term for Cape Town last week – it was supposedly just 'breezy' when we were hanging on to 4m rigs.
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