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    UK windsurfing weather from March 12th

    New week, new weather thread.

    This week starts off relatively mild but by next weekend we could well see a return of the 'beast from the east', with much colder temperatures forecast for next week.

    The weather pattern before the weekend is quite complex and today we see a small low sitting over the south coast. Originally this was due to track further north but it currently sits over the coastline, meaning the strong wind is to the south of us. The low is also less-active than originally predicted.
    Over the course of the afternoon this small low should track north a bit and that should mean a building W wind by late afternoon in the Southeast. Whether it gets much beyond a force four however remains to be seen. The wind direction could also turn out to be WSW or else WNW, depending how the low actually shifts.
    Low water in the Southeast is at about 2pm today, and it's dark at 6.30pm.

    Low pressure then continues to dominate our weather for the mid week period. In particular it looks like the Southwest gets strong Southerly or SE wind for Wednesday and into Thursday. That strong wind also sets up a big swell for the Southwest on Wednesday, reaching over 4m in some places. The swell direction gets more W in it by Thursday and the wave period lengthens to 14 seconds.

    The weather pattern includes rain bearing fronts and the passing of rain will often mean a drop in the wind. This makes the forecast for the end of the week difficult to pinpoint at this stage, and the stronger wind could well be easing by Thursday.

    The low could then recharge for the weekend, possibly setting up a strong ENE flow by Sunday. But there timing of that stronger and colder easterly is uncertain at this stage.
    Now back in the UK.

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    I see that Worthing has been logging 20mph for a while.
    XCweather also suggests there's stronger wind over at Camber Sands, although the Red House beach site is down, so we only have Llydd airport's readings to go on.

    Here in Hove, the wind came up a bit but then it tipped down with rain.

    Apologies for starting a duplicate thread. I'd shift my writings over to the other thread but this site won't allow basic copy and paste, and deleting a thread is also impossible. Sigh.
    Now back in the UK.

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    Whoops, started a thread at the same time.

    Anyway, weds is looking good for port tack sideshore Bracklesham, msw has 2-3ft waves. Thurs/fri looking like we could get some nice surf, 3ft@14secs.

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    I had better confess that I'm now in the middle of a 'holiday comedown', wishing I was back in the warmth of Cape Town, and therefore a bit grumpy.

    The best way to deal with winter windsurfing in the Uk is to get on with it, so I'm now looking at 'getting back on the horse' as soon as possible.
    And to tomorrow looks like a possibility – so let's think out loud on this.

    The Wednesday weather charts show a run of isobars from the south but the wind direction will be more SE. In the Southeast, the wind direction may actually be more ESE, but I'm not sure. That's a port tack day then, and the current here in Hove will be going the wrong way with a falling tide. Then again, it's low water just after 3pm, so an afternoon sail is possible.

    We should also have 10 degrees+ as the air source is warm.
    Do I mind port tack sailing? No I don't, but it's not usually good for waves here.

    My job today is to put footstraps and fins back on my board – and then to try on a 5/4 wetsuit to see if that still fits.
    The real point of windsurfing tomorrow is that next week looks just too cold.

    Anyone else got any thoughts on this?
    Now back in the UK.

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    I think someone needs to have words with the Jetstream. If it doesn't buck its ideas up and start flowing west to east either over or just to the north of the british isles like it should be then I think we should turn off its wifi and make it read a book about meteorology...

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    Looking good for over here tomorrow.

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    Anybody sailing Bracks or Hayling this afternoon? Doesn't look very exciting but I might give it a go, not sailed for a while.

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