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    Bmg - yeah, we are planning on going out. Either Bracks or Hayling, haven't yet decided.

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    If you look on XC weather today you can see how the Southwest has the lion's share of today's wind – and there's less of it as you check further east.

    But the wind does increase in the Southeast this afternoon. Here in Hove we've already had a few gusts but it's a bit marginal so far. However it should also improve after 2pm if the forecast is correct.
    Now back in the UK.

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    AAARGH! Can't find my car keys! MrsG has the spare in her bag at work. I had them yesterday and they are definitely in the house but fate has hidden them. This means either I'm going to miss a great session or I've been saved a wasted journey - we'll see.

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    When the wind is from the 'wrong' direction it's perhaps easy to mis-read what wind strength there is.

    I see that Chimet is now showing a solid force 6, with an increase over the last hour or two. If the wind was SW then we might get that here in Hove soon after, but when the wind is SE or ESE as today, then we have to wait for the low itself to edge closer.

    So the Worthing reading of 18knots (Worthing sailing club) is about right for there. It has been gusting to 20mph+ but not often.

    Lancing sailing club is on 15knots gust to 20.

    I was on the beach here in Hove and it's sunny and reasonably mild, but the wind here is still marginal for shorter boards, at about 18mph.

    We should see a bit more after 2pm, but it might be a freestyle board/slalom board day here rather than one for small waveboards.

    It's cross-on here in Hove (at SE) and that will be even more onshore at Shoreham.

    However Shoreham is the obvious place for a sail at low water.
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    Looks like the east coast and the north east gets the lion's share of the SE wind today. Cold there though.

    The wind turns NE for the weekend and temperatures plummet so I doubt many will be sailing.
    Here in the Southeast we may well see more snow from Saturday night and much of the day on Sunday and, even without snow, it's going to feel very cold.

    Now back in the UK.

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