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Thread: Wed 14th March

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    Wed 14th March

    Hayling 2-4pm.

    Nice session. 4.5 and stubby/freestyle board was perfect. Waves were very small and in the same direction as the wind, but it did mean a nice area of flat water for freestyle out on the bar.

    Warm enough that I didn't get painful hands.

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    Hove looked OK for wind but uninviting for waves so I went to Shoreham – which looked about the same.
    But the wind picked up a bit and I made myself go out, mostly so I could say I have windsurfed in the UK this year.

    And it was actually OK in a groove riding sort of way. What waves there were were heading downwind, but a 5.0 rig on the freestyle board was fine.

    I was also warm enough in a 4/3 wetsuit but then I didn't fall in.
    I did wear a neo beanie hat, plus I wore booties for the first time in two years.
    My finger tips were a bit cold but no real complaints.

    The main thing is that I broke the cold weather seal and won't think twice about rigging up next time.
    Somehow, going out windsurfing this afternoon has also put me in a better mood – partly because I think I was on 'holiday comedown' after the Cape Town trip.

    Can we have a starboard tack wave session next time please?
    Now back in the UK.

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    Honking X off at Compton, but there were only small waves. I kited, but may have had better rides on a windsurfer, mainly because I'm better on that tack on a windsurfer, but also the waves were braking in the gusty wind under the cliffs. Later there were a couple of windsurfers out At Compton as the tide pushed, but I don't think the waves improved much.

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    Just recovered my car keys! Bl@@dy kids! Well he's actually 22 but not much difference. He'd borrowed the tool kit from the car and the keys were in his shoe in his bedroom!

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